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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



The simple and concise answer is YOU. 

Yes, MMN visitors are the main sponsor of MMN because they choose to read our content on the super information highway.

MMN is NOT just 'another' news web-site or magazine but a non-profit, non-bias and non-political platform which mainly helps to prevail the whole truth and generally facilitate answers to any disputed, controversial topic being broadcast, webcast, published, distributed or telecast in the world media. MMN is seeking for the truth in most critical "hot topics" which can often be twisted by the world media. 

We are currently not sponsored by anyone influential and do this intentionally so that we will not be "forced" into one opinion or another. Any topic which needs the truth shed on it, is a great topic for a media contribution (photograph, article, research thesis, poem etc.) on MMN. 

Now that should not be translated into the notion that we do not want to be sponsored. We would like to be sponsored only by those who believe in prevailing the whole truth without being influential over the content published on MMN.

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How do I become a sponsor of MMN ?

To become a sponsor of MMN, you must first agree that sponsorship or financial contribution, no matter how big or small, does not give our sponsors an automatic or any control whatsoever over the content being published on MMN web-site.

Regarding media contributions, the editor reserves the right to edit or not publish altogether any media contribution upon his discretion.

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How my sponsorship is going to be used ?

Please, note all the scholarships will be paid anonymously and directly to the beneficiary (s)

Your sponsorship can be used in the following three areas per your selection:

  • Scholarship / Grant Program

  • MMN featured charities

  • MMN Best Media Contributor Awards


MMN is currently seeking sponsorship for a Scholarship / Grant Program geared towards:

  • Students who are interested in making careers in Media related fields and / or 

  • Media Contributors who are currently working in Media 

towards prevailing the whole truth.

MMN web-site will help to select the individual (s) receiving any available scholarship (s) / grant by reviewing any application from our web-site and / or reviewing any contribution by students of Media or Media Contributors. Please, contact us if you have any question.

We will start taking application for the Scholarship / Grant Program once we will have stable sponsorship.

MMN Featured Charities

You are more than welcome to donate to MMN featured charities directly. In case of any question please contact the charity directly or contact MMN. Please, go to the Home page to visit today's charity.

MMN Best Contribution Award

You may sponsor MMN Best Contribution Award. Currently, we draw a $50 dollar winner every three months. 

Your sponsorship could be used to decrease the time between drawings or increase the winning amount.

Please, click here to know more about MMN Best Contribution Award.


It is an open secret that most of the Western media institutions are bias and partial. They like to tell to the people whatever they want to tell instead of telling the whole truth. They always try their best to show that 'grass' is only green in the West and rest is just barren. There is a strong and dire need out there for a platform, for a hub on which serious media contributors can rely upon to express and comment on the current affairs with absolute honesty and truth.

So its suffice to say that telling the truth in modern journalism is the main reason of founding Media Monitors Network. Media Monitors is destined to become a hub and major platform for those media contributors who like to see the light of truth in every piece of writing, no matter in news, in articles or even in literature.

How Media Monitors Network is going to pursue this mission ?

We plan to setup a network of media contributors and observers all over the world who will promptly help to present the truth in every possible and professional manner of expression. 

I don't get it. Can you give me an example ?

Lets say you are reading a newspaper, or watching a TV channel or listening to a radio station and you encounter something disputed or controversial or something that does not seem quite right.  Rather than tossing the paper or shutting off the TV or radio, please fill out our  'Report to MMN',  or E-mail us or call us on our toll free number 1 866 MediaNet and let us know of the situation with:

  • Current Date

  • Name of the relevant media institution (Newspaper, Radio etc.)

  • Date of the Article, News, Telecast etc. in question

  • A brief description of the Article, News, Telecast etc. in question

  • If you care to try your hand at writing, you are also more than welcome to write a counter but logical answer. 

We will additionally, advertise, broadcast, distribute this information to our team and try our best to get the best answer to the article / or piece of writing in question with logic, reason and rationality. 

Therefore, basically, what you have to do is just to act.

Who are the Media Contributors and Observers ?

If you can professionally and impartially express your views and opinions on the current affairs or about any major controversial issue, then you should write for the Media Monitors Network.

Media Contributor can be a professional or novice journalist, writer, photographer, researcher, poet, analyst, content provider or letter-to-editor writer..

Observers are those who keep keen eyes on the current affairs or on disputable issues and crave to learn the truth. We  welcome all the contributions with evidence, reason and logic.

How can I become a Media Contributor or Observer ?

Should you like to help Media Monitors Network as a Media Contributor or Observer then please click here to join.

Does MMN pay to professional media contributors ?

MMN is a non-profit, non-political platform. MMN welcomes your voluntary contribution for MMN. 

However, MMN greatly appreciates contributions from experienced and professional journalists, writers, photographers, researchers, poets, analysts, and content providers, whose insight and vision tempered with experience, can be of great help to us all.

Can a student or novice media contributor contribute to MMN ?

Student or Novice media contributors are encouraged to feel free to express themselves on MMN.

MMN is currently seeking new or student journalists, writers, photographers, researchers, poets, and analysts to provide contributions to MMN. We are also contemplating a scholarship and will inform you if and when this becomes available.

Why don't MMN publish more articles ?

MMN is not a news web-site or magazine but a platform. Moreover, MMN is committed to quality of the content not to the quantity. Therefore, MMN try to publish a maximum of two articles everyday apart from columnists who are more than welcome to send their columns upon their discretion. 

Why do MMN reproduce / publish the content of others ?

Mission-wise, MMN intends to be a platform to facilitate the answers to any disputed, blasphemous, controversial article, poem or any piece of writing being published, telecast, webcast, distributed or broadcast in the world media.

But we have also been very fortunate to have received contributions and / or permissions from many reputable web-sites, editors, media contributors, newspapers, media institutions, web-masters to publish / reproduce their hard earned and quality content on MMN web-site if needed. We are greatly thankful to them, as it allow us to have new and fresh items of interest for our visitors.

Therefore, MMN is not hesitant to publish / reproduce a good content / poem that has already been published somewhere else after seeking / having the necessary permission. All the attributions are published with the content.

I am a Columnist. Can I write for MMN ?

Currently, MMN is looking for Columnists. The only request to our potential columnists, which I will make, is to send your column once per week or month, not skipping several weeks or months at a time.

How can I send my articles / material to MMN ?

Please, send your articles/material to [email protected]

Before turning in your submission, be sure to check for and correct spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors.

Please, make sure to include:

  • Author's Name (comma-delimited list for multiple authors)

  • Author's location

  • Author's Email

  • Article Title

  • Article Text

  • 1-2 sentence article description (usually an excerpt from the article) [optional]

  • 1-2 sentence author "intro" (compulsory for first-time contributors) and/or special instructions

Once your article is published, take time to read the final version, and report any typos to the Editor.


What should I write about ?

You can write about almost anything published or broadcast by the international media which you think is not the whole truth. Media Monitors Network also welcomes your letters and articles about current affairs, journalism and literature.


How can I contact MMN ?

Mailing Address:
MMN International Inc.
P.O. Box 6157
Fullerton, CA 92834
United States of America
Phone & Fax:
Toll-free: 1 866 MediaNet (1 866 633 42 63) 
E-fax: (810) 454 04 84 

What about copyright issues ?

Copyright for all contributions (articles, art work, photographs etc.) published in MMN remains the property of its owner. 
Submissions may be edited before publication. If the edited version is not acceptable to the author, he or she may request that the article be removed from the MMN within a week of its publication. The staff of MMN will not inform the author of any edits: it is up to the author to review the published version.
Copyright 2000 Media Monitors Network. All rights reserved.  
Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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