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Lebanese and Iraqi Protests Confront Iran’s Ambitions

While popular protests in Iraq and Lebanon have been clearly directed at corruption and worsening economic conditions, there is another factor that should not...
Beirut - Lebanon

The newly formed Lebanese cabinet deserves a chance

A popular uprising forced the resignation of the Lebanese prime minister and his cabinet last October. But a strong self-serving government and a very...
Indigenous Australians

‘Australia Day’ or ‘Invasion Day’

Should we call them traditional owners or real owners of Australia? Indigenous demand still stands that this Australia Day should be remembered as Invasion...
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This book is written for the young people of the world, of every race, in every country, speaking every language, and practicing every religion....
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Abiy Ahmed: Nobel Peace laureate who faces unrest at home

When the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, was in Oslo for the award ceremony, eyebrows were raised when he...
Globe Algeria Niger Mali Africa

Africa, Be warned: Recolonization Project is well Underway

Following the assassination of Gen. Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport by U.S. special forces, the Iraq parliament passed a resolution to chase away all...