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Syria can wait

"Israel has no reason whatsoever to make it easier for the Syrian dictatorship to extricate itself from a difficult international constellation."

January Election for Iraqis and Palestinians? — You bet | Peace in...

"Perhaps it is just a fairy tale to believe, along with The Beatles, “you have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time” because “it can’t get much worse.” Unfortunately, it could get worse -- a lot worse."

Possibility of resuming talks is remote

"The Syrians calculate that a resumption of talks with Israel will help relieve the pressure from the US and open the way for potential deals on Iraq and Lebanon. That does not mean that Syria is interested in the process rather than the peace--an accusation that was sometimes leveled at the late Syrian president, Hafez al-Assad."

Immoral Values

"Democracy isn’t something that can be exercised one day every four years; it calls for collective action on an ongoing basis, hopefully informed by the need to change a system."

For Business Sake

"The most disturbing results came when Americans were asked if they would be more or less likely inclined to do business with an entity if they knew it was Muslim-owned. 40% said they would be less likely to patronize such a business against only 23% who indicated that they would be more likely to support a Muslim-owned business."