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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Bin Laden Emerges to Influence Election

"Bin Laden knows that the Cheney/Bush Administration's absolute dedication to securing control over Iraq's oil will keep Bush tied down in the desert for years to come, and will make it impossible for him to go after the Movement as it grows to threaten other free nations around the world."

Kerry Could Stop Job Outsourcing by Preventing Worker Exploitation

"Job outsourcing to foreign workers is a direct product of greed by corporations. The only reason this phenomenon occurs is because companies wish to enhance profits by exploiting workers in low-wage areas of the world."

Huge Iraqi Civilian Deaths – Democratic Imperialism Kills

"A simple example from UNICEF data reveals the horrendous magnitude of the human cost in Iraq and Afghanistan of what has been described by a noted proponent of the US- and UK-led Coalitions as "democratic imperialism" (I would prefer the more precise term of "democratic Nazism")."

Choose your Neo-con poison

"The simple truth is that the Iraqi insurgency is a reaction to the occupation. Yet, the DLC’s foreign policy ‘experts’ don’t seem to have a clue about what is essentially a conventional and brutal liberation struggle. Because of their neo-con backgrounds, it is entirely possible that these policy wonks are deliberately misleading the same gullible public that swallowed whole the canards about WMDs."


"There are many problems between India and Pakistan but none as intractable as Kashmir, that is the core dispute."