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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Zionists putting the screws to Canada’s Foreign Ministry

"It cannot be an act of “anti-Israel bias” for Canada to condemn the invasion and destruction of refugee camps, the murder of children, the demolition of homes, or the continued theft of Arab land. Yet the Little Knesset would have the government acquiesce in a crime against humanity."

Settler’s Bust

"...the disengagement plan threatens to tear away the mask of the settler's mythical power. It will put to the test the settler's threats, and as in the fairy tale, it will quickly become clear that the emperor is naked."

An infuriating comparison

"After several years hesitation there began a movement of settlement in these liberated territories. True, to put it mildly, the settlers were not welcomed by the Arabs. But that does and cannot make this a "South African situation.""

Who has served and Who has Not!

"We cannot determine the character of our leaders by who has served, but we sure can see who the hypocrits are."

Lessons from South Africa

"...while the struggle against apartheid was a struggle for equal social and political rights, the Palestinian struggle, in addition to that, is also an existential struggle."