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Monthly Archives: October 2004

National Guard Bush vs. Swift Boat Kerry

"I think any genuine thinking person has every right to question Kerry’s ridiculous nonsense about defending America and to openly question and be harshly critical of the propaganda garbage about the bogus sacrifice and courage of men who participated in the senseless slaughter and destruction of another nation."

A Made-in-Canada Proportional Representation System

"The answer perhaps could be found in a new made-in-Canada system using PR-like weighted voting in Parliament, but keeping the existing FPTP electoral system for its obvious benefits of direct and accountable democracy."


Factors behind the Palestinian challenge to Yasser Arafat

"...Arafat is an old man, and despite his increased popularity among the Palestinians since the failure of the Camp David talks, the impatience of the Palestinians with the corruption of his protégés and courtiers has reached its peak."

National Post gives stupidity a bad name

"It’s not enough that the yellowest of CanWest’s Zionist rags torques the news to serve Israel, but it must make the wire services do so, too."

America May Still Re-elect Bush

"Its in the Bible Belt that the nexus between the need for greater security mixes with identifying the ‘enemy’ in the ‘other’, strong patriotism and religion all mix. The Bible Belt has always been the Republican stronghold and much more after what ghastly 9/11 experiences. Bush is a son of the Bible Belt."