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What Makes Sammy Run?

"The freedom of love and marriage is one of the basic human rights. Its denial to 1.4 million Israeli citizens, solely because they are Arab, is a severe violation of the international Bill of Rights that has been signed by Israel. It also attacks the roots of Israeli democracy."

Hiding behind Democracy

"Islam is a faith and democracy simply an idea put into political practice in countless forms. Faith includes commitment to ideas, values, principles and standards for living ones life. Politics, however, involves putting ideas into practice according to the will and wishes of the people, ideally, or the whims of autocrats and powerful in the society as we witness in the modern world."

Situating the Death of Saddam Hussein in New World Order

"The final verdict of the American sponsored court on upholding the death sentence of the captured President of Iraq and his killing has been more surprising than the ‘paternalistic’ foreign policy of the United States pursued elsewhere in international relations."

Those Who Hang Dictators

"...more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq than those who were killed during 9/11. Of course, we don’t mention how many Iraqis have been killed because we really don’t consider them quite human."

Horn of Africa: Latest Victim of ‘War on Terror’

"What these spin doctors won't reveal is the fact that by disregarding multilateral institutions such as the African Union, the Bush administration has ulterior motives in igniting a war in the Horn of Africa."