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Monthly Archives: February 2006

A call to prevent a clash of civilizations

"I expect that common sense will prevail and responsible leaders will rise to the occasion and repair the damage that has been done to inter-civilization relations."

Is the U.S. Pursuing a "Divide and Conquer" Strategy in Iraq?

"Divide and Conquer. That strategy is as old as warfare itself. Much is at stake, and letting the divided enemy self-destruct is much more painless than head-on confrontation."

Rice is dragging US into Israel’s war of attrition and genocide against the Palestinians

"...it seems unfortunately, that Israel has convinced the US Secretary of State that the US should be complicit in Israel’s ongoing war of attrition, and genocide against the Palestinian people."

An Extraordinary Conference

"...it is very easy to despair. Every one of us has moments of depression. But I am convinced that peace will win, justice will win."

Taj Mahal — the Enduring Beauty That Gives Life to Death

"The Mogul Empire in India began in 1526 with Babur, a descendant of both Ghengis Khan the Tartar, and Tamurlane, the Turk. The Empire ended with the British occupation in 1857."