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The New York Times Rubbing Salt into Muslim Wounds

"This editotial is far sinister than the publications of the cartoons. Nothing can be more misleading and hypocritical on the part of the New York Timesthan stating that the cartoons are an isolated incident. This is not an isolated incident when looked in the context of what is really happening all around us and to which the Times turns a blind eye."

Christmas Denier Gets Three Years Sentence :: Satire ::

This fictional piece is about what happens when a freethinker bumps up against fundamentalist religious thinking in a court of law. It is set in the state of Tennessee. The case presented here in a satirical manner, may remind you of another legal battle played out recently in the news. Question: Is the U.S., as it drifts more to the Right, headed down a road, where our First Amendment traditions will soon become relics of the past?

Middle East democracy should focus on variations of Islamic parties

"As a Palestinian Christian, I must confess that I am not thrilled with Hamas' success. But I would not, for a moment, agree to deny it the opportunity to govern our people."

A democratic experiment in Palestine

"...if this experiment as a democratic one is to succeed, it can only do so through the reformulation of a joint national program that can successfully withstand external pressures and defend Palestinian rights, as well as clearly demarcate the democratic basis of a pluralist society based on equality of citizenship and guaranteed civil freedoms."

Morocco: the picture is not that rosy

"Freedom of the press has also been attacked. In a recent development, the regime resorted to judicial harassment. Many independent publications were prosecuted and sentenced to pay huge fines and damages, putting their survival at risk."