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Speaking Up For Palestinians

"...in the face of all this, it is significant to note the importance of 37 members of Congress voting "no" to HR 4681, supported by an impressive grouping of American Jewish, Christian, and Arab American organizations. Not the best situation, but at least the bad is mixed with a "little bit" of good news. And this can be built upon in the future."

Why are the greatest Western writers on Islam not known today?

"Not a week goes by without another article, or cluster of articles, appearing in Western newspapers under the bylines of so-called specialist writers and semi-academics whose main thesis is openly anti-Islamic."

Revolt of the Egyptian Elite

"Unlike other countries in the Middle East, retaining power in Egypt requires co-opting the professional elite. In terms of importance, this essential pre-requisite to political dominance takes second priority only to controlling state security forces."

Missed Opportunities :: Partial List ::

"A government interested in peace would have grasped the opportunity and put Hamas to the test of negotiations. Instead, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided to break off all contact with them and to urge the United States and Europe to literally starve the Palestinians into final submission."

Neurontin Deal – Slap On The Hand To Pfizer

"In recent years, investigations into the prescribing patterns for people on Medicaid and Medicare has led to the discovery of a drastic increase in off-label prescribing to children and the elderly of drugs never approved for use with children and the elderly."