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Monthly Archives: May 2006

An Appeal to Silent Academics

Leading experts both in the East and the West are requested to give the following facts some serious thought before continuing support of the illegal war and occupation of Afghanistan with their words or with their continued silence.

Why is Bush only going after Iran’s nuclear program?

"Given the opportunity, Israel would fight its neighbors to the last American."

Something to talk about

"The sympathy that Israel once invoked has turned into disdain. Over the years it has also become apparent that the idea of an exclusively Jewish homeland is not dependant upon the conquest of Palestine only, and since the most recent intifada, it is also clear that Palestine is only the first step in a Zionist attempt to lay claim to other Muslim lands in an attempt to recreate what they refer to as Greater Israel."

Untangling myth from fiction: Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s Reign of Power

"It is difficult to untangle this historical mess without scrutinizing the accusations against Aurangzeb rationally. Fortunately, in recent years quite a few Hindu historians have come out in the open disputing those allegations."

Liars’ Club Confab: Bush and Blair at White House

The prime members of the Anglo-American Liars’ Club, President George W. Bush and the UK’s Tony Blair, met at the White House on May 25, 2006. The bull session lead to more perpetual war propaganda, including an agreement to keep troops there until the new Iraqi government of occupation “takes control.” Protesters expected at the confab, include Ann Wright, who resigned her State Dept. job rather than endorse the Neocon-inspired war.