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One’s Independence is Another’s Occupation

"Israel’s crimes against Palestinians are clearly ethnic cleansing; a genocide; a holocaust, whose aim is the annihilation of the whole Palestinian people. These crimes fall under the definition of genocide as described by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention..."

Rethinking Israel after sixty years

"The expansion of Israel's Matrix of Control throughout the Occupied Territories, coupled with an absolute American refusal to allow international pressures on Israel to meaningfully withdraw, has rendered a viable Palestinian state unattainable - and thus the two-state solution, unless we Jews, Israeli and Diaspora, are willing to become the world's new Afrikaners ruling permanently over an impoverished Palestinian mini-state, a chilling thought on this 60th anniversary."

The world marks 60 years of zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S....

“If Truman had taken positions that would have resulted in a failure to establish the Jewish State, he would almost certainly have been defeated in the November elections, since the Zionists had almost the full support of the Congress, the United States media and most of the American people.”
Loy Henderson, Director of Near Eastern and African Affairs, U.S, government, 1948

Junta Obstructs Aid While Burmese Die

"Democracies mostly pay lip service to the idea of democracy, while they surreptitiously support dictatorships for their interests, as in the case of Burma. It is time that the citizens of democracies should expose such nefarious deals. The world super-powers have consistently worked to weaken the UN for their own purposes, as we have seen in the case of the Iraq invasion. It is time to strengthen the UN and other international organizations, so that an above-board united action can be taken against the governments that kill and torture their own citizens and invade and torture others."

The Bush Administration Politicizes Tragedy in Burma

"Even Burmese dissident groups criticized the timing of the administration’s rhetorical onslaught against the junta--declaring that it made getting rapid relief to the desperately needy that much more difficult."