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Obama / Clinton Highlight Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

"The sad truth is that power is the goal for most politicians, and when power is obtained, the goal is to preserve it at all costs."

"….Namely the State of Israel"

"The Zionists, on the other hand, were of the first category. They brought with them the world-view of a bridgehead, a vanguard of Europe. This world-view gave birth to the Wall as a national symbol. It has to be changed entirely."

If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine?

"Palestinian leaderships have tolerated Western hypocrisy and racism and played the role of gullible fools for far too long. It is time to kick over the table, constructively, and to shock the “international community” into taking notice that the Palestinian people simply will not tolerate unbearable injustice and abuse any longer."

Quagmires and Wacky Personnel Policies Are Straining the All-Volunteer Military

"One problem is that when the U.S. is not fighting a war against what the American public perceives as a dire threat (for example, the Nazis and Imperial Japanese during World War II)--that is, the war is one of choice, such as Iraq or Vietnam--the nation is unwilling to make the sacrifices needed to win. In World War II, serving more than twelve months overseas was not an issue."