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Horrifying Parallels

"What is so eerily similar between the US and Israel is that both have secured a position in the world community as "protectors of democracy", of freedom and equality. In attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States claims to have freed their people from tyranny and to have planted the seeds of democracy and freedom. No matter that Iraq is in shambles, tens of thousands of people have been killed in the process, that Iraqi society is now embroiled in bitter civil strife that has claimed scores of lives or that the US forces there are an occupying power, there only to rule, oppress and suppress the people."

Dangerous Illusions

"That another war will create peace; that more arms that only provoke your dangerous better-armed and unrestrained neighbor will make you secure; that bad policy made under the duress of domestic politics will produce anything other than bad results - these are the dangerous illusions under which all have been laboring for decades, and apparently still are."

The Failure of American Jewry

"...what the Palestinians suffer today in the Occupied Territories is no less painful than those suffered seven decades ago by the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Well, the rate of extinction may be slower, and there are no gas chambers, but there is no shortage of Israeli bullets that kill or injure, and Israeli bombs and missiles that are dropped into the homes, schools, hospitals, shops and streets of the Palestinian people. And then there is the never-ending cycle of eviction, demolition and annexation of Palestinian land and properties."