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America–land of the freak, home of the depraved

The greatest threat to Israel is a world where Muslims are respected as equal members of a community, and enjoy good relations with people of other faiths. This scenario just happens to be the norm in a constitutional democracy, but since Israel is a fascist ethnocracy, democratic protections must be subverted wherever possible.

America Facing Depression and Bankruptcy

"As worrisome were increasing layoffs and first-time unemployment claims hitting 500,000, flashing red for trouble nearly three years after the initial downturn, combined with a near-22% unemployment rate, not the bogus 9.5% headline number, the 1980 calculation reengineered to conceal weakness like all other fake economic data, putting lipstick on an economy, increasingly looking and smelling more like a pig, a sick one."

Too early to write-off the new Israel-Palestine talks?

"The only possibility is that Abbas is virtually beaten down into signing something utterly inappropriate for his people. In that case, the “agreement” won’t be worth the paper on which it is written....This entire matter is utterly meaningless as statesmanship, it is brutal political theater, intended to please the Israel Lobby in the U.S. to get the Democrats through the mid-term elections without a catastrophic loss of campaign contributions."

Red and Green

"If people of goodwill want to speed up the end of the occupation, they must support the peace activists in Israel. They should build a close connection with them, break the conspiracy of silence against them in the world media and publicize their courageous actions, organize more and more international events in which Palestinian and Israeli peace activists will be present side by side. It would also be nice if for every ten billionaires who finance the extreme Right in Israel, there were at least one millionaire supporting action in pursuit of peace."

Pentagon’s New Global Military Partner: Sweden

"With eleven years of NATO expansion and the Alliance's transformation into the world's first internationally-oriented military bloc, no nation in Europe is permitted to be neutral and none can avoid involvement in military missions, including wars, abroad. Sweden is no exception, having joined scores of other previously non-aligned nations around the world in being pulled into the Pentagon's orbit in the post-Cold War period."