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Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in shaking hands

Peace Comes to Korea: Let’s Understand Why

When peace shows its face, and weapons companies’ stocks plummet, we have to do more than just cheer. We have to avoid misunderstanding where peace...
Air strikes in Syria

The real war for Syria is taking place in its skies

The hidden battle in Syria – the one that rarely appears on our television screens – has been raging for years between Israel and...
Khalil Gibran Quote

Celebrating Service to Others

This week, the Arab American Institute held its 20th Khalil Gibran "Spirit of Humanity" Awards Gala. This annual event provides an opportunity for Arab...
United Nations Flag

The United Nations at crossroads while warriors are destroying the humanity

Is the United Nations (UN) there to Protect the Beleaguered Humanity?Over seventy years of its existence, the United Nations should have been enriched with...
Jerusalem Israel Palestine Dome of The Rock Golden Dome

Anti-Semitism and the silencing of debate on Palestinian Human Rights

While militarily strong and facing no existential threats Zionism and Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians has been taking a beating in world opinion. The UN...