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Gaza Crisis

West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre

The contrasting images coming out of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday could not have been starker – or more disturbing. Faced...
US nuclear weapons test at Bikini in 1946

It’s the End of the World, and I Feel Terrible

I’ve written many hundreds of columns. The one below has caused me the most uncertainty about going public with it. I’m accustomed to writing about...
Jabalia - Gaza Strip

Israel repurposes Nakba myths to justify today’s massacre in Gaza

On Monday and Tuesday, Palestinians commemorate the anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, their mass expulsion and dispossession 70 years ago as the new...
Disappearing Palestine

Palestinians: The Invisible Victims

This year will mark the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish regions, and the anniversary of the...
Lebanese elections - The Lebanese Transparency Association

The promising Lebanese elections may have little impact on the country’s precarious system

The sole remarkable “result” of the parliamentary elections in troubled Lebanon is that it did happen - and it was competitive. A country of 4.5...



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