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Uyghur-China Dialogue

The Uyghurs – Detained in their own land

Imagine that you are living in a country where most of your family members are now detained in mass detention camps where they face...

Israeli general mounts challenge to Netanyahu by flaunting Gaza carnage

With April's elections looming, Benjamin Netanyahu has good reason to fear Benny Gantz, his former army chief. Gantz has launched a new party, named...
The Flower - Pakistan Monument at Night

The Province of Sindh should be divided into three Provinces on administrative grounds

Induction of Quota System in 1973 dividing Sindh as Sindh Rural and Sindh Urban, favoritism and injustices in jobs and admissions in higher educational...
Disappearing Palestine

Michelle Alexander Has Opened a Door, We Must Work to Keep It Open

This past Sunday, the New York Times featured on the front page of its "Week in Review" section a major column by Michelle Alexander...
World Map

Recolonization of Africa: Joining The Red Dots on The Continent

The word "recolonization" is certainly not the most liked word in the vocabulary of the ruling elite of our continent, Africa. It only becomes...