9/11 Apology – From The Hypocrites and The Arab-Zionists

A hypocrite always examines the events with one eye open; lectures others about principles while not prepared to uphold the same and acts in a contradictory fashion to ones stated criterion.

The mass media, with its one eye open, gave prime coverage to the bomb explosion outside the Australian Embassy in Indonesia. Simultaneously, the constant bombing of the Iraqi cities (Fallujah, Tall Afar) for the last three days hardly made the news; reported with the other closed eye of the mass media. This also tells us that the bombing of Iraqi cities have now become ‘normal’, not really worthy of news.

Why this disparity exists between the news coverage? The victims in both cases were civilians and in fact Iraq suffered greater levels of death and destruction than Indonesia. Could it be simply that the bombing in Indonesia was against western interests whilst the bombing of Iraq was for the sake of pursuing western interests? Therefore, it is the interest that defines the media focus rather than the farcical pretence of caring for the loss of innocent civilians.

The US as usual claimed it was precision bombing of the ‘terrorist’ hideouts, which was perhaps carried out with precision in terms of the physical target. However, no bomb can control the level of damage or who is targeted when it actually explodes. This ‘precision bombing’, like the annual ‘charity’ events for the poor nations after subjecting them to debt has evolved so that the guilt felt can be made lighter after committing the initial crime! More importantly, the US forces or the mass media has never gone into those places to confirm that the victims are indeed from the Iraqi resistance.

Accounts given by the hospitals and the pictures aired by Al-Jazeera shows majority of the victims were women and children, like the children in Beslan. But you wont find the outrage and condemnation. Nor, observe the self-appointed ‘Muslim’ apologists raising their heads asking for an apology from the West, to be at least even-handed on the issue.

So, when the Western mass media shows its outrage towards the events in Beslan one can appreciate why the stomach of the 1.2 billion are turning except the fringe moderates, as the stench of hypocrisy is very clear. The whole art of targeting civilians in the context of modern warfare was invented during the Second World War as Germany and Britain bombed each other’s cities to inflict civilian casualties. No condemnations were ever issued for the thousands of innocent children murdered clinically using the latest technology in the Islamic world.

The impact of the propaganda is so powerful that people have begun to believe that the methods of killing deployed by the US is somehow more ‘humane’ and thus palatable. But, why is beheading more barbaric than the total incineration of the human body using F17s, B52s or other similar methods? Only the dead man can perhaps attempt to answer this question but even then he would have to die twice by the two different methods in order to give a verdict i.e. which one is preferable.

Similarly, the hypocrites are constantly lecturing others about human rights but yet they did not apply this to the innocent civilians held in Abu-Ghraib –” to cause maximum offence to the Islamic nation, women were paraded naked and then raped. Therefore, do the Iraqis not have the same right to inflict rape and torture on the two ‘innocent’ Italian women held hostage? Surely, that would be confirming to the standards of the ‘civilised’ society! If that were to happen more than likely we would see the next round of selective condemnation and lecturing about human rights, without any references to the initial violation.

A trait of a hypocrite is to act in contradicting his or her stated principles; accordingly, the West had the chutzpah to ask the Russian government to look into the causes for the violence in Chechnya with reference to the recent siege of the school. Yet, the US intelligentsia is refusing to even acknowledge the same with regards to the Islamic world as their resources are plundered and lands re-colonised. Hamaas was established after 1948, as was Al-Qaeda after the events in Iraq in 1991 and onwards; 9/11 was not the beginning of human history. The effects (results) always follow the causes.

The worst of the hypocrites are those that exist within, like the informers who are selling information to the coalition forces. A belligerent enemy is better than a hypocrite. Hypocrites within any society are punished in the most severe form; treason carries death penalty or life imprisonment in most countries. The various Arab/Muslim news editors and self-appointed leaders have shown their hypocritical heads from 9/11 onwards and the more extreme ones are behaving like Arab-Zionists (neo-con-Muslims).

As 9/11 is remembered, Kamal Nawash [1], who is running for the position in the Senate as a Republican is requesting the Muslims to issue an apology for 9/11. But who will apologize for the crimes committed against the Muslims prior to 9/11 – to which Kamal Nawash makes no references, like an ugly hypocrite with one of his eyes closed, the other one on the position of the senate?

Similarly, Abdel Rahman al-Rashed who is general manager of Al-Arabiya news channel, presented similar arguments by selectively highlighting acts of retaliation carried out by Muslims without even mentioning the much larger state-terrorism inflicted by the US, Russia and Israel, in his infamous article [2], that appeared in the pan-Arabic newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat. Like the typical Arab-Zionists he criticised the Palestinians for resorting to the use of suicide bombings but made no suggestion as to how the Palestinians can resist the Israeli army. Which is ethnic cleansing the gentiles from the land to make way for the chosen people!

Abdel Rahman al-Rashed referred to Nick Berg but does he remember the 12-year-old Mohammed Durra shot by the Israeli snipers, which was broadcasted on TV? Does he not see the babies with their heads missing, stomach with bullet holes, and according to the UN statistics majority of the Palestinian children were shot in the back. Nor does he mention the children and women tortured in Abu-Ghraib? He does not remember how many kids killed by the cluster bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan? The list continues to grow; yet these hypocritical and criminal Arab-Zionists remain blind, deaf and mute towards the real victims. Only recently, a Palestinian youth was crushed to death by an Israeli jeep [3] but there is no condemnation from these types of Arab-Zionists.

References were also made to the killing of the Nepalese hostages in Iraq but no mention of their active participation in aiding the enemy forces; that have taken many innocent Iraqi lives. Therefore, before the Iraqis issue an apology for the Nepalese hostages executed where is the apology and compensation for the terrorism, death and destruction inflicted upon Iraq? Who will apologize for the massacre on the road to Basra in 1991; for the criminal sanctions that killed 500,000 Iraqi children; the routine bombing of civilian infrastructure of Iraq which is being rebuilt by the American companies and the neo-Shylocks (neo-cons) profiting at Iraq’s expense. In this context, 9/11 was a just and a small retaliation and the Muslims have nothing to apologise for. Rather they are the victim of American-Israeli greed, racism a! nd terrorism.

As expected, after conveniently remaining silent, when the WMDs were not found, Iraqis are still resisting the US forces and finally silenced by Abu-Ghraib; Beslan gave these Arab-Zionists and other self-appointed hypocrites a new breath of life. Like the one-eyed hypocrites, no references were given to the much larger and more brutal Russian atrocities in Chechnya. These types of people were deaf as well as mute. The facts are still not clear with respect to Beslan; so far none of the hijackers identified so far have turned out to be Chechens. Nor has it been established who really shot the children. It looks like that they were largely caught in cross fire perhaps similar to the 70 Schools demolished in Chechnya! Conducting autopsy would have revealed the origins of the bullets, thus clarified the matter further.

Therefore, why condemn the actions of retaliation without condemning the original crime? The Muslims would have no problem apologizing, if it the Russians also offered an apology with material compensation for their carnage in Chechnya. This is only fair, otherwise it is as absurd as asking the victims to apologize for retaliation without the criminal making any acknowledgement of the initial crimes.

Another trait of the hypocrites is that they have no solutions and can only offer criticisms. This is exactly what the articles by Kamal Nawash and Abdel Rahman al-Rashed did. If the Palestinians and Chechens are wrong to used such methods, bearing in mind the disparity in terms of ability with respect to their enem! ies, how are they suppose to resists? The option of dialogue is futile as there is very little incentive for the US, Russians and the Israelis to engage in real negotiation with the much weaker party? They are the ones conducting State level terrorism on our lands, inflicting much greater levels of death and destruction. It is the Muslims and other oppressed nations of Africa, Latin America, and Asia that are owed an apology.


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