A Contest of Brutality

Living in this age has made us immune to the feeling of pain. The contest of brutality we witness between the US and Israel has become a normal routine.

Our desensitisation is strange still when looked in the context of our hatred for the crimes of past tyrannies and our acceptance of the US and Israel’s breaking all those record of man’s inhumanity to man as "collateral damage."

Although the Middle East today is the centre stage for the contest of brutality, India and Russia are not far behind in outdoing US and Israel in terms of killing, human suffering, and a wide variety of sadistic acts in Kashmir and Chechnya respectively.

From Kashmir in the East to the Rafah in the Middle East, Wanna, Gazni, Qandahar, Falluja, Grozy, Karbala, Najaf and Baghdad are presenting the same picture of innocents counting the cost of the occupiers’ most brutal blitz of murder, terror and house demolitions. The scenes of misery and destruction are similar to scenes from Nazi Germany or communist Soviet Union in action against their perceived enemies.

From the moment the Zionists invaded Palestine in 1948, the “enemies” in the land were referred to, what the Nazis called people in the East, as Untermenschen –” subhumans. It is this notion that Russians, Ukrainians, and others were subhuman that served as the underpinning or pretext for mass murder.

The US and Israel are playing a leading role for others in the ruthless band of fundamentalist religious fanatics that respect no international laws or norms of human decency. It is the same notion of Untermenschen that does not stop Israel from it ethnic cleansing and what brought the US from genocidal sanctions to full-scale occupation and unimaginable level of crimes against humanity.

The blood thirsty American GIs have surpassed their Israeli instructors in systemtatic torture and killings. The incidence of rape, however, has not been very high under Israeli occupation, since many Israeli soldiers find the thought of sexual relations with subhumans to be wholly unacceptable. The only thing acceptable would be to torture, kill and mutilate them before taking their internal organs.

For soldiers in the US Army, on the other hand, it is all about retribution: The mindset shaped by years of anti-Islam propaganda has left many of them with the ideas which their commanders, such as Boykin, have publicly expressed in their statements. Americans were already shocked when they were told what Islam teaches Muslims, particularly when they stumbled across the destroyed World Trade Centre. Then they learned from their leaders that Muslims are the enemies who hate their “freedom” and their “way of life.”

The day the US bombs a wedding home in Iraq to take 40 lives, Israel opens fire on protestors to relieve many of the burden of occupation. Such a level of brutality is pushing the world back into living in the time of Nazis.

Compare the bare facts of what we so far know about the US treatment of civilians at Abu Ghraib and what German SS were doing to Russian prisoners of war. The punishment by SS, according to Antony Beevor, included what was known as ‘Achtung!’ A Soviet prisoner was made to strip and kneel in the open. Handlers with attack dogs waited on either side. The moment he stopped shouting, ‘Achtung! Achtung!’ the dogs were set on him.” Doesn’t it sound like a story from Iraq?

Let us move to another comparison. According to foreign journalists covering the recent Israeli blitz in Rafah, Israeli soldiers were simply "going for blood". "It seems to me that the Israelis did not really care if the people they were killing were children, women or alleged resistance fighters. The important thing was that Palestinians were being shot and killed," said a British journalist in Rafah.

It reminds one of the communist Ilya Ehrenburg, who pleaded with his comrades to “not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German –” this is your mother’s prayer. Kill the German –” this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”

The enormity of human suffering from the US-Israeli contest of brutality is beyond description and the imagination of those who do not live under the US or Israeli occupation –” especially those who have grown up under the influence of “mainstream” media in the US and allied countries.

We are living through the darkest hours of human history. This is a reality with which both Americans and Israelis have to deal. The victims of their governments are divided in two groups: a) direct victims, paying the price for doing nothing or putting whatever little resistance they could, and b) the collaborators, getting paid for sustaining the brutality. Expecting any of these groups to end the war within and collectively resist the brutality from outside amounts to asking for the moon.

For the Americans, it is, however, an opportunity to understand what the outsiders have been telling them for years and what the internet has now enabled them to see for themselves.

Finally American propagandists, such as Friedman, Pipes, Bernard Lewis, and their media outlets to the level of the New York Times are helpless before the truth the internet brought before their eyes. Now they can see and talk about the crimes of their government. Now they can judge who forced their government to come this far in injustice and brutality against other people.

For the Israelis, this reality is now a part of their tragic history they can no longer deny, but, like Americans, have the ability to stand up and change the deadly course of their government’s policy.