A Middle Eastern looking man

I have been called nigger,
Sand nigger
Camel jockey.
I have been depicted as a terrorist
In the Hollywood movies.
Animal causes are treated more humanely than mine.
I know this is a free country and I respect that.
Everybody has a right to have his own opinion
And I
Respect that too.
But I the most misunderstood one wonder about you,
Have you ever heard the “Ezan” from the minarets in the calmness of evening?
Or have you ever heard the whisper of “Muezzin” in your deep sleep
“Wake up, wake up, waking up is better than sleeping?”
Do you know the meaning of “Assalam-o-alekum?”
If you don’t know then with all due respect
I would have to say
“You have no right to have an opinion about me”.