A new virus in the Western society

“Our duty is to convey the Message in clear terms.”

— Quran: 36/17.

A new self-inflatable virus appears to be taking a strong hold in this highly literate and culturally advanced society. It does not take much to get inflicted with this curable virus.

Expert analysts have identified it to be “Islamophobia”; “Anti-Islamistic” and it will definitely flare-up whenever Anti-Al-Islamic features, such as an article or a feature appears in the news media. A book from one of those well-funded and well-supported authors (popularly known as “Islamic Experts” in the anti-Islamic world) produces their imaginary and totally wild accusations on twisted, and never factual, historical instances. These authors and hosts of talk-shows authoritatively impose, their personal views of hatred, on their captive audiences; thus earning lucrative incomes for themselves and their supporters, who have unlimited funds and agendas to spread and distribute indiscriminately hateful propaganda against this ever-peaceful faith of Al-Islam.

What is more alarming, for these analysts of this virus, is to observe that all the peaceful efforts made by some Muslims, amongst them MPAC, C.A.I.R. and other well-presented and very informative websites, which feature the facts about Al-Islam, on the World Wide Web. All of whom are making every effort to reach and educate the masses, against the fantasias created by these anti-Islamists. Now they are being attacked and labeled as the supporters of terrorism!

An undisputed fact is that Al-Islam is the fastest growing Religion in this Universe. Currently, more than billion and growing! This natural growth towards wisdom is being marred and attacked by this Society Of Spreaders Of The Darkness Of Ignorance (SOSOTDOI) at the expense of the global society. Some members of this ever-watchful SOSOTDOI are reverberating and beating the drums of age-old mysticism against Al-Islam. They filter-out, from the discussions, when they are presented with the indisputable facts! Yet they will re-emerge in different images and guises but armed with the same issues. Thus their minds keep on working on tireless overtime; whereby they remain confused on all the issues, more so with, such as, what came first; the egg or the chicken?

Nevertheless, it is very easy to identify them; because they have nothing new to offer but persist on their consistency in continuing to hammer on their past fantasies. By misquoting the Holy Revelations and totally ignoring the lessons learnt from the historical facts and twisting the current events, they want to bring back upon themselves and the society the past eras of darkness. They will never stop in their efforts to cast the clouds of darkness on the true knowledge; only to maintain their controls over the society at large. It serves their purposes and helps them in their perceptions of control and domination.

They want Al-Islam or its adherents to remain apologetic to them for the misguided perpetrators, those who might have performed acts, which are on their-own un-Islamic and never encouraged by Al-Islamic Guidance, namely The Holy Quran and The Ahadeeths (Narrations of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)). It is an accepted fact that The Holy Quran is the condensed and consistently intact version of All The Revelations made through various Prophets and The Messengers starting with the First Prophet, Adam (peace be upon him) to The Last Messenger and The Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, The Holy Quran contains all the essential Guidance from The Books, The Psalms, The Torah, The Bible and The Testaments. Any uttering by individuals is maliciously labeled as “Islamist.”

“This is The Scripture, a free of doubt Guidance for those who want to defy the evil; who believe in the unseen, establish worship and distribute from what WE have granted them”

— Quran: 02/2-3.

There being no central authority in worldwide Islam, it becomes difficult for the individuals to draw the attention of the masses, through the majority of the Media Sources. Most of the Media is evidently interested in covering or displaying stories or instances which would improve their circulation or viewing audiences. Nothing can draw the masses towards them unless they show negativity against Al-Islam. Highly educative but scarce literature of the factual basics and facts of Al-Islam remain untouched in bookshelves of the libraries. Only the sensational and anti-Islamic literature and books top most of the best-sellers’ lists!

These are some of the most evident signs of this contagious and inflammable virus currently circulating in our societies; there could be some more unidentified elements, which might encourage its growth. Analysts believe that like common “flu” it is unpredictable and cannot be totally eliminated from the humanity. However its afflictions can be treated and minimized by the collective efforts of the majority of Our Society!

Most of the Faiths originated from what is, now identified as The East Originations from the east also carried with it the most common belief of “Mysterious Eastern Cultures and Practices.” To add to this mysticism, very unfortunately, those Muslims who emigrated to The West also brought with them their culture of mainly associating themselves with their own ethnic people. Thus the Africans preferred to settle amongst the African communities; The Arabs formed their own Communities; likewise Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis setup their own enclaves. They practiced the rituals and prayers of their Faith within their own communities and did not make many efforts to assimilate themselves into the larger society; thus they made themselves to be “The Mysterious Practitioners”. Moreover they carried their Islamic literature or guides in their own languages; and no efforts were made to translate the same into the communal languages of English or The European dialects.

This omission by those Muslims is now generating for all Al-Islam, extreme negativity and very heavy burdens of suspicion, especially amongst the Western World. These early Muslims did not follow the essential Guidance from the Holy Quran; one of which is:

“And from among you there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong, it is they who will attain true success.”

— Quran: 3/104.

The first and foremost rule of Al-Islam is to learn and to spread this education amongst the surrounding society. To follow the examples of those Muslims; who initially went to Europe when it was living in its darkest era infested with ignorance, and educated the Europeans with the Al-Islamic values and cultural behaviors. The light from this torch of literacy and human wisdom has illuminated the European minds to their current status of literary domination of the world.

Interestingly, the Europeans, including the British, used the same methods of entering various countries under the guise of educating the masses but, unlike the Muslims, the Europeans ended up colonizing the countries of their interest. It was, and most likely even today is a common phrase and expression:

“The White-Men came to our lands holding Bible in their hands; Today we are holding their Bible and they (White-Men) have our lands.”

It will need the most essential human steps of the patience, the dedication, the education and all types of consistent programs towards the eradication of the darkness of ignorance about each other within our societies, specifically about the most modern and moderate Faith of Al-Islam. Sincere efforts made to learn about each other’s cultures and beliefs will be the best first stepping-stone. This first step will help illuminate the first lights through this tunnel of uncertainty, which should end into the periods of recognition rather than confrontations with each other. Allow each other enough space to live peacefully within the society.

“Oh! You, who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed Allah is with the patient.”

— Quran: 2/153.

Whilst the major burden of this step is on the shoulders of All The Muslims collectively, individual responsibilities cannot and should not be ignored. The funding and the manpower resources amongst the dedicated Muslims are very limited; in spite of the fact that Al-Islam has mandated that all the common Muslim wealth and resources should be used to eradicate the general illiteracy and ignorance of Al-Islam. Only and only through consistent education, and not any force or compulsion, will Al-Islam be understood and accepted as a Peaceful Religion!

It also places an all-important burden on the Western Society to learn about this Worldwide Phenomenon; not necessarily to adopt it but more so to better understand it. This will help them understand that all the Al-Islamic traditions and rituals are peaceful acts of prayers and worships to One and The Only Creator; most commonly called “Allah/El/Elah/God/Almighty.” Moreover, every act or ritual of prayer does encourage a peaceful co-existence of the humanity.

“We Who have created man out of a drop of sperm intermingled, so that We might try him for his later life; and therefore We made him a being endowed with hearing and sight. Verily, We have shown him the way, and it rests with him to prove himself to be either grateful or ungrateful.”

— Quran: 76/2-3.

Peaceful co-existence of the humanity in this Universe is the sole purpose of the Creation of our species as the True Representatives of Allah (SWT). It should therefore be our common goal to at least minimize the risks of this New Virus of hatred, if per chance we cannot totally eradicate it.