A people’s strategy for Peace

Yesterday, April 17, 2006, a young Palestinian man walked into a café in Israel and blew himself up along with 9 other people. Politicians throughout the world went to work almost immediately, each hoping to top the other in condemnation, and ridicule, issuing threats against the Palestinian and Muslim people, and vowing retaliation against anyone who refused to mouth the praises of the great Israel, and to degrade the life of that young man. They issued statement after statement each stronger than the next, as they eagerly licked the boots of their masters, the great occupiers who for months prior to the April 17th incident, had been routinely murdering Palestinian people including children, hoping to provoke any act of violence that could be used to justify an escalation in their violence. Where was Charles Krauthammer three weeks ago, when Israel murdered a young boy on a school bus because he opened the window after being told not to open the window, blowing his brains out with an automatic weapon, and right in front of his schoolmates? Where was Scott McClellan, the White House spokesperson when Israel was repeatedly issuing public threats to assassinate members of the PA government, and to steal the taxes that belong to the PA, that Israel collects on their behalf? Why does Israel collect taxes on behalf of Palestine? Where was Condoleeza Rice when 17 Palestinians were killed in one week by Israeli missiles, and death squads that regularly comb the streets of Palestine killing, and looking for people to kill? Where was the condemnation? Where was the Western media? Why no pictures of ambulances rushing to remove the dead bodies of Israel’s Palestinian victims, blown up and bloodied, lying in pools of blood in the streets, killed by people who are illegally occupying their land, and carrying out acts of mass destruction against them, daily? Where was Kofi Annan, who heads the great peacemaking United Nations, who can’t find the words to express his lack of concern for Palestinian life, yet who cannot say enough, or do enough to make it as miserable as he can. What organization dedicated to world peace discriminates against one nation, issuing an order to limit UN contact with one nation’s representatives, in deference to another, and especially in deference to a nation, Israel, who has yet to abide by a single UN resolution, and who has an illegal nuclear weapons program, and other illegal weapons of mass destruction? Where was the Arab League, where was the OIC? The same Zionist snake that has poisoned these entities has bitten anyone who can’t see that our world is in a desperate moral crisis, and that the world governments and institutions, and media are useless and worthless, incapable of peacemaking, or peacekeeping, and completely ambivalent to the sanctity of human life, unless it is Israeli.

It is possible to mourn the life of that young Palestinian man, along with the lives of nine others lost to this evil occupation. It would not be difficult for decent people to recognize that a tragedy happened in Israel yesterday, and that all of the victims were innocent. The guilty were the ones who sit on the seats of world power of the great governments, and institutions of Europe, and the United States, and the United Nations, and the Muslim world. They paved that young man’s and his victim’s road to destruction with their apathy, their cowardice, their elitism, and their asymmetrical morality and racism that fuels this conflict. They sent that young man on a mission whose message was shaped by religious extremism, state sponsored terrorism, racism, poverty, and hopelessness. His method was dictated by a world that cannot even speak of his humanity, or acknowledge his right to exist, or fight in defense of his unalienable rights. Israel and its supporters, overt and covert, tacit and otherwise, are killing Palestinians daily, and yesterday, they killed another one, and nine Israelis along with him. When will it end?

The people of the world need a strategy for peace. Forget about the governments of the world, east and west. Forget about the media; forget about the United Nations, and all of the other international institutions. We, the people of the world must decide within our own hearts, that this conflict must end, understanding that it will not end until we end it. The governments of the world, our international institutions, and the media are like painted fruit. They look perfect and beautiful from the outside, but they are rotten down to the core, poisoned and corrupted by international Zionism. We must decide that there will be peace, and make it so.

We must remember that justice is the basis for peace. As these entities use their power to starve, and to further humiliate the Palestinian people, we must feed the Palestinian people and make them know that their lives are also sacred. As the wicked of the world murder the Palestinians with impunity and without accountability, while justifying their racist Zionist evil with flowery political doublespeak, we must cry out in clear and strong voices against these injustices, and demand an end to all violence. As they bulldoze Palestinian homes, we must rebuild them, and as they destroy their crops and trees, we must replant them. As the so-called world powers seek to sanction, and embargo the Palestinians into submission to Israel; we must boycott and sanction these governments into submission to peace, righteousness, and justice. We must boycott any business that operates in, or does business with Israel, we must boycott all Israeli goods, and we must boycott the US, European and Middle Eastern, Asian, or Latin American or African businesses that do business with Israel. We must make our voices heard in the streets of every city, every village, every university, every government, every newspaper, every TV, every movie theatre, everywhere we must speak out and say “NO MORE!” “NO MORE LIES!” “NO MORE KILLING!” “NO MORE SANCTIONS AND UNJUST DENIAL OF PALESTINIAN HUMAN RIGHTS” “HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLE!” “NO MORE GRATUITOUS WAR!” “NO MORE GENOCIDE!” “NO MORE WAR!” “PEACE THROUGH JUSTICE!” “NO MORE VIOLATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW” “END THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE!” “END THE ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE NOW!”

When we, the people, decide that there will be a just resolution to this conflict, and that we will no longer tolerate the racism, and the immoral genocide and war of attrition against the Palestinian people, when we decide to act, to protect their lives, and to demand an end to racism and the wicked asymmetrical immorality that has deemed their lives to be without value, by holding Israel, the US, the EU, the UN and everyone else who is perpetuating this conflict, and who are hurting the world with their refusal to abide by the laws of God and man, accountable, this conflict will be ended. It will be ended in a way that is non-violent, and just. We must demand it, and act towards it. In memory, and honor of every innocent whose life has been cut short by the racism, the greed, the violence, and the black heartedness of the illegal occupation of Palestine, we must end this brutal, and illegal occupation, and we must begin to end it now.