A religious history of justice and Palestine

The racist and colonizing legacy of the Zionist Christian Church, and the Synagogue continues into the 21st century, and as in the past, both fail to demonstrate even a modicum of morality in respect to their obligation to heal the human condition, serving supposedly as God’s hands on earth. Having stood guard over perhaps the worse crimes in human history; they are now the keepers of the injustice in Palestine, which is a brutal military occupation, being carried out wrongfully in the name of God. True believers in God know that God would have nothing to do with such an unjust and wickedly evil enterprise as the Israeli occupation. For Zionists of any stripe to suggest that God is unjust, blood thirsty, greedy for land, and military power, and also ready to turn His head to every act of evil, lies, and distortion of the law carried out by Jews or others, is blasphemous, yet these injustices go mostly unchallenged, even by the great religious, and legal scholars of our time who say very little if anything, about what is taking place in Palestine. When they do, seldom if ever do they even allude to the word “justice.”

The history of Palestine since 1948 is a story of religious fanaticism, and extremism. It is the story of an illegal occupation, planned and carried out by Zionist Christians and Jews, who justify a bloody war of attrition and low-grade genocide in the Holy land by manipulating biblical scriptures. Judaism and Christianity have been rewritten by such people, to make it appear that these religions are religions of racial supremacism, teaching that the life of the Gentile is meaningless and without value, while Jewish life is supposedly sacrosanct, which is the nuanced meaning of the idea of a people chosen over all others to reign as “God’s chosen people.” This was never the Biblical meaning of the term chosen people, yet it is a meaning that we have been taught and subjected to, and ironically, its the Zionist Church, almost more so than the Zionist Synagogue that continues to perpetuate this wrong idea.

According to the Bible, in Leviticus, 24: 22, God said, ” You shall have one law, and it shall be the same for the stranger as it is for those of your own.” Today, Zionist Christians and Jews say that the Jews shall have one law for Jews and another for the stranger. This is a distortion of God’s law, and one of the underlying causes of the great injustices that are presently taking place against the Palestinian people. Is it any wonder that it was these same people, the Zionists of both Christianity and Judaism that colluded in the rape and pillage of Africa and the Indian peoples of Latin America, and Native Americans? They used these same distortions and counterfeit scriptures to substantiate the cruel, evil and inhumane slave industry, and the colonization of lands of black, brown, and poor white people throughout the world, and also the economic enslavement of those people. We should not be surprised that they are now using their self-serving interpretations of scriptures to legitimize these same crimes against humanity through their colonization, apartheid, and economic enslavement of Palestine, and the Palestinian people.

Perhaps the Palestinian activist, Hanan Ashwari explained this injustice best, when she alluded to the fact that the Palestinian people are the only people in the world who are asked to guarantee the safety of the people who are oppressing, and killing them daily. They are also the only people in the world who are asked to recognize their enemy’s supposed right to occupy and confiscate their land. Their refusal to acknowledge this assumed right, has resulted in the termination of financial aide from the US and the EU, and strange as it may sound has also become an accepted excuse for Israel to steal the tax money it has collected on behalf of the PA. This is such a blatantly and unjust type of persecution that we can expect that it will undo itself at the expense of its perpetrators, which is usually the case when mankind becomes so arrogant that they loose even shame. Imagine that these same people, Israelis and their enablers, also call the Palestinian resistance activists terrorists, since they fight back in the only way they can. This is the direct result of the so-called Biblical legitimacy that the Zionist Church and Synagogue have provided for Israeli aggression, and that is used to condemn Palestinian self-defense as criminal. It is similar to Biblical scriptures used to prevent slave rebellions, and rebellions against European colonists in other parts of the world, such as South Africa. In those instances, scriptures were taught which said that good slaves, Christian slaves and citizens, should not rebel against their masters, and governments, but rather they should accept God’s will, which had supposedly set their fate. According to these people, God’s response to Noah’s son looking at his drunken father’s nakedness, and subsequently being cursed, he and his descendants to slavery for all time is the cause. Would God have a drunken prophet who would curse one of his children and descendants to slavery for all time? Think about it. This is only one example of the skewed justice they present to the world to explain away their historic crimes against humanity, calling it the will of God. Now we also have the newly discovered scripture, which says that Judas did not betray Jesus, and only did what Jesus asked him to do. This newly discovered scripture also says that in reward for Judas taking on the hardship associated with betraying Jesus, he, or rather his descendants, will rule the world.

In respect to modern societies and governments, it is the injustices of occupations, genocides, ethnic cleansing, euthanasia and gratuitous abortion that are protected, along with poverty and racism, using the same rationale. The Church does not protect these moral crimes outright; instead secular materialism, and natural selection, ideas that originated with the religious hierarchy and elites of Europe serve as justifiers, and legitimizer. Throughout history God, and not man has been blamed by the Zionist Church and Synagogue for gross injustices, and for creating, and fostering inequalities among human beings based upon race, family lineage, class and color, and these tortured paradigms of justice, that are actually injustice, are routinely accepted and adopted by the nation/states in their public policies, because they are indebted to the Zionist Church and the Synagogue for money and for votes. The Church has the ability to stoke the fires of discontent among the people in the West, that could lead to revolutions, and so the state pays homage to the Church for its willingness to tolerate, and turn its head, and in respect to Palestine to actually assist in carrying out, and legitimizing the evil.

As an example of how our thinking and intuition are negatively affected by this type of religious exploitation of scriptures, and misinterpretation of God’s words, we can look at a letter written to the Prime Minister of Palestine by an Israeli settler. His comments appeared on the Guardian newspaper website, below an article written by the Palestinian Prime Minister, “Just Peace, or no Peace.” The Israeli settler wrote and asked, “Why does Hamas kill Israeli civilians?” This person obviously didn’t bother to first ask himself, “why is Israel occupying Palestine, killing civilians, and with the tacit consent of every leading nation in the world, including the Zionis Church, synagogues and religious scholars?” Do Israelis think that when they are killing, and massacring that they are killing a Palestinian army? Palestine has no army. So for the 50 some odd years that Israel has been allowed to kill Palestinians like flies, and no one noticed or cared, they were in fact killing civilians, and innocent human beings who were created by God with equal rights, and the same rights as owned by any Jewish, or other person. So we must ask the Israeli inquisitor, “Why have the Israelis, for more than 50 years been killing Palestinian civilians, and without accountability?” We have no reason to expect that the Israeli holds the Palestinian life in the same esteem that he views his own. Many Israeli soldiers have reported that part of their training is to see the Palestinians as animals without souls. Strangely, this is the same way that slave traders described their human cargo, as animals, or sub humans without souls. No souls of course means that there is no moral obligation toward this entity, and also that there is no consequence for ill treating, or taking the life of such an entity, which is said to be not much different than a beast. There are many quotes, even from Israeli officials where they call Palestinians and Arabs such names. And whereas the media and others are quick to point out that Palestinian text books teach hatred of Jews, no one has come forward to say that Zionism teaches that Muslims, Arabs, and all non Jews are like animals without souls, a much more dangerous connotation.

For centuries, the Zionist Church and Synagogue have controlled the knowledge of scripture, and now it is controlling the application of scripture to the situation in Palestine, just as they controlled the same in respect to the historic crimes of slavery and colonization. As mentioned before, in the past the biblical story of Noah and his supposed curse upon one of his sons was used to substantiate chattel slavery, and the colonization of the lands of the darker races that are said to be descendants of Noah’s grandson, Cush. The secular and atheist state used the teachings of Darwin to substantiate their pillage and carnage in the lands owned by people of darker races, and poor whites. Ironically, Darwin was a graduate of a school for Protestant Christian ministers in Europe, and that same church allegedly arranged his journey on the ship Beagle, and also underwrote his research, which was the basis for his natural selection theory. This means that the Zionist Church and Synagogue not only advanced the idea that certain peoples (mostly dark, non-Christian and non-Jew) were fated to enslavement, and domination by others based upon sin, and curses. They also arranged for the scientific justification of their racist, and elitist ideas from the secular perspective, which was born in survival of the fittest and natural selection theories.

So why is any of this important? It may be important since there seems to be a pattern of events in history of which Palestine is only a small part, which suggests to us that today’s world is suffering, not from any new malady, or type of injustice. Rather, we might be suffering from an ancient affliction that changes only in public appearance over time. It hides itself within the houses of God, from where it prophesies falsely to the people, Jew and Gentile, with the sole purpose of distorting God’s laws, and thereby leading the people into sin, rather than to righteousness. It does this by deliberately distorting the truths surrounding justice and morality, breaking God’s laws, and seeking to institute a corrupt and corrupting law which serves their purposes, and fulfillment of their dreams and desires. God spoke to this issue in the Biblical book of Jeremiah saying in 23:9-40, in respect to the Jewish tribes, that He (God) rebukes the false prophets who have distorted His words, and who misled the Jewish tribes into sin. In verses 25, and 39, God supposedly said, “I have heard what the prophets said, who prophesy, and that tell lies in my (God’s) name, saying, “I have dreamed (desired).” How long shall this be in the hearts of the prophets that prophesy lies? Yes they are prophets of the deceit of their own hearts. They cause my people to forget my (God’s) name, by their dreams (desires), which they tell everyman, and their fathers have forgotten God’s name and replaced it with the name of Ba’al (false gods). Therefore, behold, I (God) will utterly forget you, and I will forsake you, and forsake the city that I gave you and your fathers, and cast you out of my presence. I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you, and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten.”

The Biblical book of Jeremiah is part of the Old Testament, and many religious scholars say it is also the Torah. If that is so, and if the scriptural promise of Palestine to the Jews, which appears in the very early books of the Old Testament, are believed to be the basis for the founding of Israel, legitimacy of the occupation, and world deference for the Jews, what about the later scriptures which suggest that due to their injustices, and sins of adultery and idolatry, and false prophesy, the Jews not only lost God’s favor, they lost their right to the land? In this same chapter, the Bible speaks of how the prophet Jeremiah prophesied, and warned the leaders of ancient Judah, now referred to as Israel in modern Bibles, and also their elders, that God had planned their punishment, which included dispossession of the land. According to the Bible, God said in Jeremiah, 24:7-11, a latter scripture, “Yet have they not harkened to me, says the Lord. Because you have not heard my words, behold, I will send and take all of the nations of the North, and Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon, and will bring them against this land, and will utterly destroy it…” When the prophet Jeremiah heard this from God, he sought to call the people to repent, yet, rather than to repent for their sins and crimes, they sought instead, under direction from the elders, priests, and so-called prophets, to kill Jeremiah, whom God of course saved. The similarity here, between the time of the ancients and now, is the acquiescence to injustice and sin of contemporary Jews and Christians who know that the Israeli occupation is an evil, and sin in the eyes of God, yet who will not speak out against it for fear of the wrath of the Zionist religious, and secular hierarchy. The secular state, and its henchmen suffer from the same submission, and perhaps for the same reasons. It is very hard to ignore the fact that the same fear that silenced the righteous people during the days of ancient religious scriptures continues until today, and so do the crimes of the false prophets, religious hierarchy, and world governments. The Bible recounts the story, saying, ” Now it came to pass, when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking all that the Lord had commanded him to speak unto all the people, that the priests and the prophets and people took him saying, thou shall surely die. Why have you prophesied against this city in the name of the Lord, saying that this house shall be like Shiloh, and this city shall be desolate without any inhabitants? And all the people gathered against Jeremiah in the house of the Lord. When the princes of Judah heard these things, then they came up from the king’s house unto the house of the Lord and sat down in the entry of the new gate to the Lord’s house. Then spoke the priests and the prophets unto the princes and to all of the people saying, this man is worthy to die, for he has prophesied against this city as you have heard with your own ears” Jeremiah 26:8-12.

Is it any wonder that the contemporary world is experiencing a similar result, in reference to the law, scriptures, and the human condition today, as in the past? Instead of modern mankind becoming more inspired, mature, illuminated spiritually, and righteous, we are being asked to accept the idea that certain human beings have no rights, and so they can be hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, and killed without just cause, trials, proof or evidence of guilt of any crime. We are being asked by our leaders, and religious institutions to accept the idea that certain peoples, due to their more aggressive nature, cold heartedness, and possession of nuclear, and other powerfully destructive weapons have a right to dominate, and oppress others, and to steal from them, and to kill them. We are asked to accept that the victims of such tyrants and tyranny have no right to self-defense, due to their race, or religion. They want us to believe that chronically disabled people, the elderly, the unborn, the poor, homosexuals, apostates, and anyone who is not of their faith, political persuasion, or anyone who voices any type of dissent, or condemnation of their numerous injustices, should be subject to public censure, and in some instances even put to death. They want us to believe that in order to be safe, we must surrender our rights, when God gave us our rights to make us safe. They say that Judas was good because he betrayed Jesus, and caused Jesus to be killed, and mankind redeemed through the spilled blood of Jesus. They say that Jesus killed himself, because he would not stop preaching to appease the Pharisees who he knew would attempt to have him killed. This is the convoluted logic of the false prophets, who are attempting to change God’s criteria of right and wrong, good and bad to satisfy their desire to rule the world, and to establish their own type of justice, and system of accountability. In other words, they want to be God.

The modern Zionist Church and Synagogue continues to preach the false prophecies, and to carry out the injustices and crimes for which God condemned them in the past, even though now, they speak in more flowery words in huge cathedrals that are like palaces. They utilize mass communication and speak through the mouths of highly educated statesmen and women, dignitaries, preachers and rabbis. Might this be what is perplexing and holding back the spiritual development, and material progress of the human race, and what is dragging us back morally into a dark past, and a regrettable time when people were not judged by merit, but rather by the color of their skin, family lineage, and social standing. Why is there more poverty, more war, more hate, more sickness, more fear, and more immorality as the so-called church and synagogue have reached the height of human power as they understand it?

Zionists seek to legitimize the occupation of Palestine, as they did other historic crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing and colonization of other peoples, using wrongly interpreted, and self-serving scriptures, along with fake science, and theory. By so doing, they are obscuring the universal truths that are necessary for human development and progress. Their imposition of these ideas into the Muslim world, where secular state religion took the place of true faith, and where the state was run not by Muslims, but by others in submission to these same influences, we see plainly how the adaptation of the foreign and corrupted law retards human development, and material progress. The technological advances of the West are meaningless when humanness is traded for technology, and physical capability. Balanced and healthy human development and progress suggests to us that moral development must occur along with technological development if we are to benefit from either. What we have now is technology that has given us great physical capability, but we don’t have the moral or spiritual insight to understand how this power is to be used for our benefit, rather than our destruction. Justice is balance, whether it is balance of power, or balanced development and progress.

Interestingly, the parameters of the historic scriptural teachings that are the basis of Christian and Jewish Zionism are very limited. If we look further into the Biblical history of the ancient Jews, the truth emerges. In the New Testament, there is a different perspective that allows us to see the ancient Jewish tribes, and to understand their law in juxtaposition to the teachings of Jesus, who said that he had come to fulfill, and not to abolish the law. Which laws was he speaking of, the laws of God, or the laws of the Pharisees and Sanhedrin? The New Testament also chronicles one of the major movements in the history of monotheism which includes the demotion of the Jews from the rank of God’s chosen people, to that of a common people, faced with the same challenges that face all of humanity, that being to accept God’s New Covenant, which included Gentiles, and the rights of all people to choose their faith, or no faith, without compulsion, or fear of persecution. In the New Testament scriptures we find the right of every human being to act according to faith and the law written upon the heart by God, and the right of the righteous to rule, which is the restoration of the perfect order. Within those scriptures is Jesus’ message of hope, salvation, redemption, mercy and rehabilitation of the human soul, and not only collective guilt, punishment, and animal sacrifices. Within the new scriptures Jesus taught about peace, and said that the peacemakers will see God, whereas in the old scriptures there seems to be mostly war between tribes, incest, rape, murder, conquest, oppression and strife. Perhaps God began his communication with man in the Old Testament, showing us our true selves, our capacity for evil, and our base nature. Then, through a gradually revealed revelation, He taught us how to improve ourselves and the qualities of love and mercy, and the power of repentance from whence we would draw strength and inspiration, and He showed us our glorified selves, and our true potential through prophets like Jesus, and Muhammad, who were flesh and blood men who achieved the highest levels of human being, and capability.

As we proceed into the New Testament of the Bible, we also find the original split in the Church, due to the mischief of the Zionist Synagogue that seems to continue until today, and along the same lines of belief, and disbelief in the promise of God to redeem mankind through righteous messengers and scripture. The original motivation for the Zionist rejection of Jesus, and the New Covenant, according to both the Bible and Qur’an was envy, and the intent was to preserve the status, and wealth they had amassed as God’s chosen people for all time. The Christians of the early Church became divided by this intent, one sect following the Apostles Peter and Paul into the New Covenant, while the other cast its fate with the Zionist Jews, represented by the Pharisees. In the New Testament book of Acts, 14: 1-4, it says, ” And it came to pass in Iconium, that they (Paul and Barnabus) went both together into the Synagogue of the Jews, and spoke, and a great multitude of both Jews and Greeks came to believe. Then the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles against their believing brethren…the multitude became divided, and part held with the Jews, and part held with Jesus’ disciples.” This is the division that exists even today between Christians who follow the true teachings of Jesus, and the New Testament, wherein the idea of chosen people is replaced with the truth of universal faith, and wherein both Jew and Gentile are equal in the eyes of God, in contrast to those who continue to believe that Jews are chosen people, with a separate law wherein they are said to be superior in God’s eyes and also by law, in comparison to the Gentile. The early Christians became divided much in the same way that today’s Zionist Christianity has separated itself from the true Church by its return to the Old Covenant teachings, and collaboration with the Zionist synagogue in its attempts to subvert the teachings of God, and the scriptural paradigm of justice which treats all mankind as equal. On this topic, the Qur’an says, ” God did aforetime take a Covenant from the Children of Israel, and we appointed twelve captains among them. God said, ” I am with you; if you will establish regular prayers, practice regular charity, believe in my apostles, honor and assist them, and loan to God a beautiful loan. Verily I will wipe out from you all evils, and admit you to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath. Yet, if any of you, after this, resists faith, he hath truly wandered from the path of rectitude. Because of their breech of their Covenant, We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard. They change the words from their right places, and forget a good part of the message that was sent to them, nor will you cease to find them, barring a few, ever bent on new deceits. Forgive and overlook their misdeeds, for God loves those who are kind. From those too who call themselves Christians we did take a Covenant, but they forgot a good part of the message that was sent them. So we estranged them with enmity and hatred, between the one, and the other, to the Day of Judgment, and soon God will show them what it is they have done. Oh people of the book, there have come unto you our apostle, revealing to you much that you used to hide in the Book, and passing over much (that is now unnecessary). There has come unto you from God a new light, and a perspicuous book, wherewith God guides all who seek His good pleasure to ways of peace and safety, and leads them out of darkness, by His Will, unto the light- Guides them unto a path that is straight”(Qur’an 5:13-18).

It may also be of some significance that the often-touted separation of church and state in the West, that is supposedly the foundation of modern, just and egalitarian societies has proven to also be a farce, created to distort the truth about scriptural justice, wherein is stated the Divine right of the righteous man or woman to serve as steward over God’s creation, as opposed to the wicked. The Zionist Church and Synagogue continues to control world politics, and political and economic outcomes, both East and West as they did in the past, and the so-called separation of church and state has facilitated this rise of the wicked, claiming that the believer is not a fit ruler since he does not worship man, who is said to be sovereign, but rather the righteous worship and fear God, who is not only the sovereign, but also the Creator, and owner. A person does not have to even believe in God to recognize that moral man is superior in the ability to judge justly, and to act rightly without fear of man, for fear of God.

The claim that only so-called “Islamist” governments are to be feared, is another obscuration of truth regarding stewardship, especially considering that the worse crimes against humanity, including the many war crimes recorded to date in world history, were not carried out by Islamists, but rather by Christian and Jewish supremacists. When not carried out directly by the racist religious hierarchies, or as a result of their tacit approval, such evils are carried out by the followers of their envoys, one of who was Charles Darwin, whose theory of natural selection has fueled more ethic cleansings and genocides in various nations than any other known survival theory. Seldom have we seen the Zionist Church or Synagogue as organized institutions, act as protectors, or advancers of morality, or justice in respect to none Christians, poor gentiles, or Black or brown peoples, and that includes the troubles in Ireland, except when it is to their political, or financial advantage to do so. In respect to Palestine and colonization generally, as well as chattel slavery, the Zionist Church and Synagogue were actually providing the immoral cover for these economic, and also racist enterprises.

Fortunately, in spite of the of the evils of the Zionist Church and Synagogue, and their historic adulterous relationships with governments to the detriment of the darker races, the poor, and so-called heathens, the basic concept of justice as morality has been preserved throughout time, in the hearts and the writings of great people, including some religious figures such as St. Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, and even some Puritan writers who decried the injustices, and evils of state sponsored religion, and others, including men like Frederick Douglas, and the sincere abolitionists who railed against slavery, and often used the scriptural model of justice and human equality as their primary weapons against that, and subsequent inhumane misadventures. Such people as these, sought not only their own personal salvation through the renunciation of religious intolerance, racism and fanaticism, they also explained to humanity the true scriptural truths that first introduced ancient man to the idea of justice, and the moral obligations of civilized man of various faiths, and no faith, in times of moral conflict and crisis and military conflict.

There is no way to know if in fact the Palestinian Prime Minister was seeking to advance any of these more familiar concepts of justice when he wrote, “A just peace, or no peace.” Still his official introduction of the concept of justice into the Palestine/Israel conflict gives us good cause to believe that he learned from the Qur’an about justice, what the righteous learned from the Bible, and that is a good sign, since one validates the other. The righteous among the ancients and prophets knew that God is Justice (Al-Adl), and that neither justice, peace nor prosperity stayed for very long, in any place where God’s teachings, or the teachings of those who preached God’s truths as religion, or philosophy were distorted, or ignored, or the righteous, and innocents persecuted and killed. This might suggest to us that justice is not only a religious concept, and that it can also be a solution, to the extent that we are able to end the historic exploitation of religious truths by the errant religious and state hierarchies, and return to God’s common, universal and natural truths for guidance, since these are the truths wherein God has explained to us the equality of all humanity, and that attests to God’s bestowal of unalienable rights to all of mankind, which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are essential requisites for mankind’s spiritual maturation and material progress. They are the truths that to most people are indeed self-evident, and whose upholding confers true, just, legitimate and lasting power.