A Tangible Visit


Towards the end of his visit to UK, the President General Pervez Musharraf is now in the United States for a summit meeting with President Bush on significant global issues–with focus on the South Asian scenario, explicitly the Kashmir issue–atop.

A pragmatic view of the President’s tour to Britain makes it crystal clear that the nations which really matter in today’s’ epoch have now full understanding of the perilous situation in this part of the world n’ do wish a durable peace via the solution of all issues between the two nuclear neighbours. Its evident from the fabulous outcome of the talks between the President n’ British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

This journey for peace shall also take the President to France n’ Germany after his parleys with the US leadership. There is no doubt that President Musharraf is undertaking this tour at a time when the Muslim world is facing serious challenges. Iraq has been occupied by the United States while Afghanistan is in a shambles as a result of the American war against terrorism. Multifarious pressures are being exerted on Iran and Syria in pursuit of Washington’s hegemonic designs in the Middle East.

Pakistan too is being blackmailed in the name of religious extremism. A faulty and distorted image of Pakistan and Islam has been created deliberately or inadvertently at the international level. As the international community lends its ear to President Musharraf, it’s incumbent upon him to discount the negative perception about Islam in addition to his agenda to promote Pakistan’s interests.

He should accept the bigger role of leader of the Muslim world as well to focus the truth. Seemingly, however, President Musharraf’s agenda of talks with the Western leaders doesn’t cover the plight of the Muslims. It’s hoped that the President will avail the opportunity of his interaction with the Western leaders in repudiating the negative propaganda against Islam and will bring home to them the injustices and deprivations being perpetrated on the Muslim world by the West especially the United States deliberately or inadvertently.

It’s imperative to seek peaceful resolution of Kashmir and Palestinian issues, which are the bleeding wounds of the Muslim world. Their solution will eliminate much of the grievances of the Muslim world and will contribute towards peace and security in the volatile regions.

Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion, yet paradoxically, it is being projected as an aggressive religion primarily due to the failure of the Muslim scholars and leaders to project it in its true perspective.

One zestfully hopes that the current voyage of the President shall help achieve the desired results with the evaporation of all the wrong notions–which are being currently–beamed by a set of hostile countries like India via a ferocious media crusade against Pakistan to pollute the world’s mind with one ploy or the other.

With this perception, the visit seeks a lofty impact, backed by a ray of hope that the West will–eventually–accept the ground realities, in a truthful style n’ would expectantly deal with the matters in the way its’ ought to be at least as the ‘champions of human rights’ by striking an equilibrium vis-é-vis every facet to the ultimate best of its’ own index for peace all-over.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.