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Mohamed Khodr’s Column

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD has always been about Israel, for Israel, and by Israel. Such is the status of WORDS generated by all our media, our Executive and Legislative Branch, our Supreme Court that had one of its Jewish Justices, Stephen Breyer, dismiss a lawsuit against American Israeli Political Action Committee  (A.I.P.A.C.) alleging that AIPAC is in reality a lobbying group for a foreign government–Israel, most publishing companies that refuse to publish any anti-Israel book, of course all our Jewish Hollywood movie studios, and our gullible Christian Zionist church leaders (Falwell, Robertson, John Hagee, Oral Roberts, Franklin Graham, Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker and all the money chasing Pastors of Trinity Broadcasting Network).

In fact every American has been indoctrinated and intimidated with such fear about the Jewish lobby and “Anti-Semitism” that no one dares to speak against Jews or Israel despite any negative feelings of disagreement they may harbor. The few that had are now on the fringes of society trying to make their voices heard with no success or continuing their crusade for truth and justice despite the financial and personal losses. The few that still speak courageously against Israel are hounded daily by Jewish “terrorizing” individuals or groups.

This is our America. An America fearful of speaking or writing freely under the protection of the First Amendment against a foreign nation’s hijacking of our political system, our treasury, our pentagon, our industrial secrets, our sense of fairness, justice, and truth. Thomas Paine in “Common Sense” said that no small foreign and distant island (England) should rule our continent. Guess what America, even a smaller and further country rules our continent today. That rogue country is Israel.

So here’s a suggestion to our pandering cowardly Congress afraid to stand up to AIPAC and Jewish lobbying. Here’s a chance for “Israel’s” Congress (although we elect and pay them) to do the right thing to portray some semblance of truth and courage. Either pass a Constitutional Amendment abolishing the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech and Religion etc.) so that you and our media don’t have to bother with guilt questions on Free Speech when all you ever listen to or care about is the “Israeli/Jewish kiss butt news du jour. That way you can tell the rest of American to go suck a dead sea egg. Or, Congress can just amend our First Amendment to read “Free Speech for Jews only”. Either way Congress will double its campaign finance coffers.

I see, you want to know why I’m so peeved to suggest this. Well, let me start with my own personal experience with the major Networks and Papers. I literally have written over 400 letters to different papers across the country commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the racist and prejudicial use of the words “Islamic/Muslim” as adjectives describing negative actions of alleged governments, terrorists, militants, opposition parties, cab drivers, you name it, but without similar use of a religious affiliation to describe other groups committing violence such as: “Hindu Tamil Rebels”; “Catholic Basque Separatists” “Catholic IRA”; “Catholic Colombian Guerillas”; “Christian Timothy McVeigh”; “Jewish Kach Extremists”.

Without missing a beat and on a regular basis my letters commenting on an editorial or news program would not make it while 3-4 letters from Jewish Americans would be published on the same news item lambasting the Palestinians, Arabs, or Islam. Once or twice is a coincidence but all the time, that’s a mafia conspiracy. I write to the publishers and editors and rarely receive the usual excuse “oh we get so many letters every day literally hundreds only a few can make it. please keep writing.”—right, only a few make it, the Jewish letters Now that’s just my experience. However, this “first amendment” crime is experienced by almost every Arab or Muslim American or the few Arab/Muslim organizations in the country. This is not a coincidence. What is even more shocking is that the same clichs “Made in Israel” are repeated word for word by our “Free and Democratic Press” and by our “Freely Elected and Democratic Congress and Government.”

[“It’s Arafat’s fault, He started It, He uses Violence as Form of Negotiation, He throws children to die for publicity purposes, Palestinians could have a state in 1948, Arabs told the Refugees to leave, Small Democratic Israel lives in a sea of hate and violence, Islam encourages Martyrs, Israel has the right to defend its citizens by any means and in any way possible even nuclear bombs, Arabs have launched 5 wars against Israel (it changes from 5 to 9 wars depending on the mood), Israel is America’s only democratic ally in the region, Israel has a special relationship with America, We share the same values of democracy and freedom with America, God gave the Jews all the land from the Nile and Euphrates but we’re satisfied with Palestine +/- Jordan, Barak offered generous concessions to Arafat but Arafat wanted more so he started the Intafadah, the world and the UN and everybody hates Israel, everybody is Anti-Semitic, the Holocaust has killed enough of us we have the right to defend (kill) ourselves and take more land for Security purposes, Iran and Iraq are building missiles to destroy us and China is helping them (never mind Israel sold American technology to China, never mind Israel was selling arms to Iran, South Africa, India, all of Latin America, Vietnam, North Korea against US policy), the billions we get from America is a small price for us defending America’s interest, if we kill Americans it must be a tragic mistake (destroying USS Liberty in 1967 killing 34 and injuring 171 Americans)]. 

Enough, I’m getting sick and nauseated from these lying murderous bastards. They must think we Americans are stupid to buy all of this and maybe we are. Israel and its bigots have made us so sick of the same clichs and story lines that we’ve been deliberately confused on purpose and thus don’t care. Israel has not only stolen our First Amendment but they’ve stolen our patriotic hearts, minds, and wallets so that we don’t give a damn how they screw this country. Our silence is their best strategy.

Israel can always depend on Don Hewitt’s (Jewish) 60 Minutes on CBS. Here’s a man who goes on CSPAN to hawk his book and speak of his passion for truth and having things right down the middle. Perhaps he can explain why he hired Bob Simon (Jewish) as Israel’s defense lawyer and public relations man. Simon a few weeks ago went to Israel to defend Israel against the charge of shooting in cold blood Muhammad al Dura, 12 years old, hiding behind his father. Simon gave the Israeli murderous generals a chance to claim that the boy was shot by Palestinians in a cross fire. Although no eyewitnesses or the father was interviewed, Simon earned his Shekels.

This despite eyewitnesses flatly stating that it was Israelis that killed the boy. Simon again returned to Israel and aired a story last Sunday that Israel is only defending itself against proven and known terrorists (no evidence was provided) by using helicopter gun-ships to assassinate them. Israel calls this a defensive measure while the rest of the world including Israelis call this extra-judicial illegal murder. But Simon did his job. He never once mentioned the number of Palestinians killed or injured by Israel. Simon happily gets more Shekels. Simon, you’ll remember was a guest of Saddam Hussein for a few days during the Gulf War. What did Saddam do to him that has turned this once fine journalist into a rabid bigot against truth and Arabs?

America, if you really want the truth as to what is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Holy Land, where Israel is destroying churches and mosques, killing Christians and Muslims, while we all remain silent because it’s not on TV–its the Israeli/Jewish Lobby and their media, from television to papers, magazines, and radio. As long as our media flies the Israeli flag and not the American First Amendment flag, Israel has the green light to unleash its weapons against Arab civilians or any target it chooses. Israel knows that our kosher Media will protect Israel and blame the Palestinians thus intimidating our President and Congress to go along. As long as Israel has our government by the balls our country will support Israel in the UN (imagine vetoing a resolution that simply sends unarmed observers to protect the Palestinians is too much for Israel since that will block the view of their sharpshooters. Our State Department official Edmund Walker blames Arafat for forcing us into the Veto–what stupid logic), keep pouring our billions into rich Jewish pockets, keep sending them our latest technology and satellite information that someday can be used against our soldiers, and intimidate any country with cutoff of aid if they harm Israel, while ensuring that corrupt dictatorial Arab leaders remain in power so as not to threaten Israel—so much for our support for democracy.

Our nation was born out of courage, logic, and a passion for freedom against the island of England. Our nation was established with the best guarantees of freedom anywhere in the world, freedom for all despite one’s kosher ethnicity. Our nation was born as a Nation Under God. Not as a Nation Under Israel. Cry My Beloved Country for Freedom at Home from the tyranny of the Few and for Justice for all people, including the oppressed Palestinians to whom our silence is causing them death and suffering. God Bless America.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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