"Accursed Be The Warmongers"

Spiritual traditions throughout the history of mankind have extolled peace
and peacemaking. "Blessed be the peace makers" is a phrase that no doubt
appears, in one form or another, in the religious writings and precepts of
disparate spiritual regimes throughout the world and throughout time.

A corollary to "Blessed be the peace makers" is "accursed be the warmongers".

We have such a group in charge of American foreign policy here in the
first decade of the new millennium, and today, as well as for generations to
come, the names and memories of these men should be and shall be accursed.

Just this week, U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney made it very clear that the
current Federal administration will oppose any and all "threats" to "American interests". Recent history has shown that Cheney, Secretary of
Defense Rumsfeld, President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell,
National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, defense advisors Paul Wolfowitz
and Richard Perle, among many other officials in this administration,
clearly prefer warmongering to peace making. These people are willing to
lie, deceive, fabricate evidence, distort data and do whatever it takes to
concoct "threats" to "American security" of "American interests".

Even after having their lies exposed, these people stick with their lies,
apparently believing the Hitlerian dictum that if you lie often enough to
the people, they will believe it.

Even the policy papers of this warmongering crowd make it very clear that warmongering is in the intrinsic mind set of the proponents of the misnamed
Pax Americana. The Pax Americana, in reality, is a series of wars designed
to PREVENT threats from developing, to ELIMINATE (not contain) rivals.
The Project for the New American Century spelled this out even before the
current president was set into power by a corrupted political process
spareheaded by an activist Supreme Court, which currently sudes with
neo-conservative world views. Anyone reading the policy views of the PNAC
sees very clearly that wars were planned against "rivals", "threats", and
potential "enemies".

But let no one be deceived, all this warmongering is hinged solely on
economic matters and rivalries for natural resources, such as oil, gas, and
strategic minerals. If Iraq had no oil, there would have been no invasion
and occupation. America has not invaded or occupied countless other
totalitarian nations, including those whose authoritarian regimes are
tolerated by our government BECAUSE of their support for American economic

The U.S. government used to criticize Saddam Hussein for using oil revenues
for his own interests while the people of Iraq suffered under the U.S./ U.N.
embargo. But take a look at the physical infrastructure of many urban
public schools in the world’s richest nation, America, and the amount of
funding for those repairs compared to the budget of the American Department
of Defense. Compare the budget of the U.S. military to that of the entire
Department of Health and Human Services. There is no comparison!

America’s government and corporate elite love war, because war is good for
Big Business! A perpetual "War on Terrorism", as envisioned by the Bush
Administration, funnels billions and hundreds of billions of dollars from
taxpayers into the operating budgets of warmongers, war makers, and war
profiteers. The American people are forced to "do without" so that the
corporate elite can revel in luxury. Thus, we have decaying physical
infrastructure of our nation, from its big cities to its national parks, while the military gets upgraded aircraft carriers and new generations of highly sophisticated, enormously expensive combat aircraft. We do not even have rivals capable of effectively fighting against the current generations of U.S. weapons, such as the F-15 Fighting Eagle aircraft, yet we develop and start to produce the new F-22, which is far more advanced, expensive and capable than our security needs or our budgets can afford.

The warmongers are in control, and they are having their day right now! But
"Accursed be the warmongers". These men and women are leading America down a very perilous path towards disaster.

The cycles of human history do turn. America’s prolifirate waste of
resources will come back to haunt her. America’s alienation of so many
peoples of the world bodes poorly for the future. When the tide turns, when
the tables are reversed, when the yin becomes yang and the yang becomes yin, will other nations treat us better than we treated them? Will justice and
mercy proceed from those to whom it was denied?

The day will come when the names of all the major figures in the current
Federal Administration will be cursed by ordinary Americans. They will have
to reap what they have sewn. The extent of further damage depends on the
tolerance of the American people of this egregious behavior by their
government. Americans must step in and reverse this accursed behavior if we
want to minimize the damage, which is already considerable.

It is only months till the next election.