Ache for Foe’s Movies!

With cipher of sanity, cable operators-in Pakistan-have eventually set-aside their atypical ‘style of protest’ by resuming their routine packages for the viewers of miscellaneous television channels.

The eager n’ excited species had earlier resorted to a ‘maneuver’-virtually awful by all perceptions-opting for a countrywide strike if-what their raucous vision portrayed-‘the ban on screening the toxic Indian [which they phrased as Urdu] programmes’ is not lifted. ‘We will cut up all the national channels plus those, disseminating global info with their origination from the West’ was a hideous vow of the machinists-with an ironic ‘logic’-‘if we are not allowed to air cute n’ cunning, stylish n’ spicy [Indian] channels.’

We-if truth be told-were traumatized at such a raison d’être and supplication for opting to strike. Albeit, well acquainted with the ‘magnitude’ of vulgarity, nudity, impiety, lewdness and above all filled with muck n’ malice-being transmitted by these naughty outlets from Delhi n’ elsewhere-it was a dreadful facet that some fans of frail n’ fragile ‘beauties’ have had an entice n’ lure to fetch the nasty scenes to the revered Pakistani habitats.

By all norms of morals, ethics, pixie and fair play-we resolutely deem that such an insist was unfair, pointless and debauched and should have been discarded with the same diligence n’ solidity-as has been disposed of by the germane circles-steering the helm of affairs at the grandiose Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority-PEMRA with a decorous n’ daring soul, Mian Javed as its’ chief.

The cable operators had-perceptibly-lost their intellect of sagacity n’ modesty insofar as their Indian equivalents are still not disquiet for transmission of Pakistani channels in India. We are of the view that though delayed, Pakistan’s decision to inflict ban on the transmission of the Indian channels was accurate, fitting n’ apposite. A pragmatic analysis unveils the fact that India has unleashed an antagonistic cultural-plus-propaganda crusade vis-à-vis Pakistan’s ideological mooring through spiteful ‘current affairs’ slots n’ nakedness in its movies.

Amid such an iniquitous scenario, we can-in no way-tolerate the sort of vulgarity, bareness and licentiousness that the Indian movies are projecting in overall disrespect to female dignity n’ nobility. An elfin gaze at the index would tell the whole truth that Pakistan was not the first to impose ban on the telecast of Indian channels-in its domain, orb n’ realm.

Vajpayee-led radical Indian set-up was the first to block transmission of Pakistani channels in India after its deliberate n’ designed intensification of tension in South Asia-with a frivolous ploy of an episode at the premises of its Parliament-almost two years ago. Pakistan was-thus-left with no option to react-in an identical way.

Hilariously, however, India has not reversed the prohibit on Pakistani channels so far, yet our cable operators-paradoxically-came out with a frantic demand to relay the belligerent channels and were even ready ‘to shut down their trade’. We expect that every-one engaged in this vocation shall eschew such a conduct in the best interest of the nation’s self-respect, as-such a vow has been abhorred by every-one in Pakistan.

Obviously, the course-set off by operators was repugnant to the spirit of nationalism-an act by any-one, nothing except-horrific n’ horrendous. By now-a set of such vendors-has been beaming CDs of lewd stage plays with oral indecency-amongst the opposite genders-in the silhouette of ‘blue dialogues’, yet were prima facie permitted to stick with by the related authorities for reasons best known to either of the two fences.

Though such a route has been caged-to a vast extent, vigilance to nab such a course remains a requisite. We assume PEMRA has a scrutinize organism to oversee such ploys-applied by ‘vested interests’, largely with the narcissistic n’ conceited notion of amassing monitory gains from the punters’ wallets-to the optimal size.

Apart from this-some ray unrestricted n’ uncensored commercials of diverse set-ups-clearly to accumulate utmost capital, of-course, in addition to what they charge-as fee per month-and that too, a bit without a valid receipt-as a legalized document. With all this, the trail n’ ache for foe’s channels-is utterly irrational, eccentric n’ ludicrous.

We hope that PEMRA will never-ever yield to any pressures-irrespective of one’s influence-even in times ahead-with an out-right zest to shield the national interests-the apex n’ prime asset of a self-respected, dazzling, fabulous, marvelous, magnificent, majestic, superb n’ splendid sovereign state-like Pakistan.