Advani’s Sugar-Coated Rhetoric

With a discernible effrontery, Political observers-“in India-“have phrased the newest discourse by LK Advani vis-à-vis normalization of Indo-Pakistan ties-“nothing beyond an election ploy.

They monitor it-“as ‘a good omen’ by a hard-liner like Advani-“talking of peace n’ amity somewhat-“an atypical sugar-coated rhetoric with a vow that the ‘flare-up [perception]’ of the Deputy PM-“who is pragmatically No. 1 in the Indian hierarchy n’ the chilling-cum-potential political beneficiary of AB Vajpayee-“could not materialize the cherished aspiration for serenity in the region without practical steps and a positive response to Pakistan’s peace overtures

Such circles are-“simultaneously-“apprehensive that such ‘sweet, cute n’ cunning’ statements could be a gambit to hoodwink the voters to use their franchise in favor of the BJP in the next general elections of India.

Not to talk of the hideous track-record of the idol of the radicals in India, the fresh maneuvers of the New Delhi rulers-“with LK Advani on the top of the catalog-“feelings of trepidation do exist-“not only in every peace-loving realm around the globe-“but equally on the soil of India that the extremist cluster, composed of BJP may take an abrupt shift on their adore for tranquility in South Asia, the moment-“their specific aspires for ‘triumph in polls’-“is clutched.

This veracity is manifested by LK’s up to date interaction with Abbas Anasari-led faction of the APHC wherein he [Advani] did make high-pitched swears on the abolition of the reign of terror, unleashed by the Indian troops in the forcibly held-part of the fascinating Himalayan State, yet to-date with no practical upshot at all.

An in-depth analytical viewpoint-“to this effect-“has explicitly been aired with vexation by an apex Kashmiri leader, Mirwaiz Omer Farooq-“during his meeting with media men in New Delhi wherein he avers that [if its’ sincere towards the success of Indo-Pak thaw] India must announce a spontaneous ceasefire in the IHK-“on the sacrosanct day of Eid-ul-Azha.

Yet nothing seems impending as India continues to remain tight-lipped with a traditional n’ absolute mum towards this facet. Yet it [New Delhi] did take an odious gain of the meeting with the Mirwaiz n’ Ansari-“via prima facie a ‘smooth sailing’ of Advani’s antagonistic trip to IHK’s vicinities along the LoC.

Keeping ‘sentient’ it awful tactic, New Delhi disseminated to the world-“via its’ state-run news agency, PTI-“that while in IHK [the first-ever visit to the occupied terrain] Advani ‘shall make a major announcement about the current malevolent n’ nasty scenario, erupted by almost a million armed Indian troops on the innocent Kashmiris.

Yet eventually, as was being expected by realists-“it proved-“nothing except a Machiavellian fantasy or a chimera.

Amid such a milieu, not only that India once again stand exposed-“worldwide-“its’ iniquitous maneuver is ought to serve as an eye-opener for the Kashmiri leaders-“exclusively those having allures for a direct dialogue with the extremists-“ruling the Indian empire.

If with a fanatical mindset of anthology based on lust n’ love far weapons of mass destruction-“from anywhere in the world-“the New Delhi masters are least uptight on the horrific plight of their own people-“leading lives far below the poverty-line-“how can the bona fide title-holders of the charismatic state expect some-thing good from them-“who are overtly-“bent upon keeping the people in IHK in cage, with the full armed might at their disposal.

As is being envisioned by the intellectual sets in India, the impish n’ naughty face of the Indian rulers-“shall turn portrayal soon after the hasty elections-“this verity must also serve as an eye-opener for all those in the IHK, who are trying to get out of sleeves-“despite being well-aware of the Indian mind-set towards the Kashmiris’ cause whereby a million-plus innocents have either lost their lives, become widows, orphans or gone crippled but also lost their homes-“only for raising a legitimate voice in errand of their birth right-“which is germane to every human-being on this orb.

No-doubt every sane would go or opt for peace-“yet it is ought to be with dignity and honor. Any opposite course-“if n’ when adopted-“would land the fleers of this reality, especially the Kashmiri leadership-“in nothing except in a silhouette of critical discomfiture n’ mortification for all times to come.

Its’ thus an apposite time to interpret the real frame of mind of the BJP-led Indian set-up which is equipped with trickery towards the Muslims-“wherever they dwell-“and most idiosyncratically about the valiant people of the Jammu n’ Kashmir State, who are the key striking n’ fantastic stars of the Atlas horizon-“in getting India exposed as a callous environ on the earth planet.

Kashmiris’ valor has-“no doubt-“been par excellence-“never indexed in the history of any struggle for freedom from an atrocious yoke. This actuality is well-versed in every piece, inked about their gallantry. An extract from a book, authored by an audacious alien historian on the tragic episode of 13 July 1931-“when the wicked Dogra ruler opened fire on defenseless people outside Srinagar Jail-“divulges and I quote-“‘I did not see a single [Kashmiri] martyr who received a bullet on the back, as each-one gripped it on the chest——this depicts the magnitude of heroic spirit of the people of this classic and epic nation.’

Every-one must try in a compact style for the establishment of peace in South Asia-“of-course keeping the changed ground realities in mind and even by applying a flexible approach-“to get this longed issue solved amiably-“side by side gracious n’ genial relations with friends in India with equilibrium as podium-“yet certainly not at the cost of the precious sons n’ daughters of the soil-“who did not vacillate even in shedding their loved blood-“not to mollify any-one but to keep their generations’ lofty image-“high-flying.

One hopes with certitude that this magnificent perception about the people of the elegant State shall be kept intact-“by the legatees of this nation-“which shall, of-course be a great n’ grant infinite accolade n’ homage to all those-“who took off for eternity, with an eternal abode in Heavens.