After the Cold War – Totalitarianism is Shifting to Democracies

A prime motivator used to promote fear of communism during the Cold War was the totalitarian nature of repressive power mongers within communistic governments around the world. Americans and Europeans were constantly reminded of the repression of freedoms of the Russian and Chinese and East German peoples, among others. This fear was used to justify the expenditure of humongous resources to fight communism.

Now that communism has fallen, an interesting pattern is developing. We are seeing the rapid move towards totalitarianism within the formerly democratic nations, including the U.S. The Patriot Acts, the detention of American citizens as "non-enemy combatants", the "no fly" lists all are part of a growing pattern of a slide towards totalitarianism by the U.S. government.

The American people are coaxed into voluntarily giving up their freedoms incrementally because of fear associated with a bogus "War on Terror". But there is much more involved. Among the factors the knowledgeable people perceive as influencing the trend towards loss of American freedoms are: the "oil peak" situation in which modern technological civilization will forever lose its supply of cheap energy, the oncoming catastrophe of global climate change, the growing human population of the planet, and the increasing competition between nations for increasingly scarce natural resources. In the foreseeable future, survival of nations will be at stake, and survival of a wealthy class of elite corporatists will put these ultra-consumers at odds with the masses even in America.

The Patriot Act and the incremental losses of freedom in America are not primarily about foreign terrorism. These are mechanisms being put into place by the corporate elite within America to protect themselves from mobs of angry Americans of lower economic and social status once the competition for resources become pronounced within America itself. When the public masses finally realize how they have been exploited and duped and misled and mistreated by the wealthy and powerful within America, an explosive and dangerous situation will be present. The masses will have to be controlled, suppressed, repressed and totalitarian tactics will be required to do so.

This situation is approaching with increasing speed, and the elite are skillfully continuing to distract the public with consumeristic manipulations, with debt that drives distracted work instead of protracted thought, with reminders of external fears, and with near constant focus on sex, drugs and pleasures of the flesh.

The snare is in the process of being set. Many can see it, but it appears that not enough people care enough to stop it. Totalitarianism will one day be the norm in America. The mechanisms of a legal, structural and administrative nature are being put in place. Rigged elections through electronic voting procedures may be the final step in setting the trap.

And the American public walks forward into the trap, blindly and unaware…