AJK TV: A Taxing Task


The delightful n’ lovely soil of Azad Kashmir shall-visibly-get its own TV centre by February-5 next. With the instigation of it’s’ legwork, the date set for its lift-off is as marvellous as the vivacious venture. It would be a féted ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’-which intensely illustrates the realism that the heart-beat of the glittering people of the charismatic Himalayan State orchestrates n’ synchronizes alone with their jovial brethren of Pakistan.

Though the task should have been set in motion-years ago, explicitly to flout n’ counter-or at least to offset the vile n’ nasty propaganda crusade, unleashed by the cantankerous India with humbug as its plinth-the verdict even taken now-shall be received by gallant Kashmiris-with a fabulous acclaim n’ zest-all-over.

Without going by a sycophant impend for any-one-irrespective of ones’ stature of any magnitude-we feel delighted in presenting a fragranced bouquet with lofty emotions of adore to all those who have materialized the elongated exquisite dream into an eventual reality. The marvellous mission has been initiated by the Minister for Information n’ Broadcasting, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad-who himself is auspiciously as pure as a chivalrous Kashmiri and that too by birth n’ bequest.

With this insight one can anticipate that the avid Minister must have kept the bona fide goals n’ raison d’étre-before him to clutch the ultimate aspires of the project in a redolent style. Though he is identified as a cerebral with a velvety mindset-like the merry Kashmiri silk-yet he will have to be a bit stiff on the plan he has taken in hand. He must be aware of the fact that the current epoch is-by n’ large-hallmarked by miscellaneous sets of flatterers-equipped with personal gains in the silhouette of either indexing themselves onto the pay-roll [even without the worth of acquaintance, dexterousness or familiarity with the exigent Kashmir cause]-one way or the other or are abysmally excited for self-projection to knock the zeniths of their political seeks.

As an icon of actuality, such a loom has given a full-size blizzard to the vindicated objective to project the Kashmiris’ right of self-determination in a feisty n’ spirited way. Paradoxically such a course persists unabated-as an upshot of which we have not been able to take hold of the echelon of adore n’ compassion from the comity of nations-despite the passage of UN resolutions on Kashmir-with one voice-for more than a dozen-time. This proclivity-specifically-while composing delegations for overseas needs to be ceased at-once, lest the enemy’s hideous propaganda gets injected into the minds n’ souls of even the erudite world-to eschew a toxic shot for the Kashmiris’ legitimate insist with an indubitable outlook-a right of every dynamic nation.

India seems all set to dupe the world on the Kashmir Issue via a ferocious propaganda campaign-even at the cost of its famished people who are swiftly fading in hunt for a loaf of bread n’ are instead receiving bullets in return from their wild n’ callous rulers. Thus it is an apposite time to act with a pragmatic n’ powerful way to thwart New Delhi’s sadistic designs.

Side-by-side the opus of delegations-for beyond oceanic, the media-may it be print, electronic or web newspapers with country’s first independent multilingual desk-top daily TIMES.com.pk atop-in Pakistan is needed to be patronized with an all-out strapping technique. Of-course TV in Azad Kashmir shall add-on eloquently to realize its dazzling aims plus onto Pakistan’s accredited perspective vis-é-vis the Kashmir Issue. Every patriotic soul knows that Azad Kashmir is a podium or a base-camp for Kashmiris struggle against the wicked India-which invaded a part of the sanctified soil with full armed might-against the aspirations of its gallant dwellers, a reality copiously authenticated by the world body.

So it’s hoped that the inspiring n’ striking TV shall tag on the momentous policy of AJK Radio which jolted not only the untamed Dogra regime n’ its ‘master’-India but simultaneously the unruffled world-when it [the Radio] ricocheted-with slim resources-the forceful voice of Kashmiris from a mobile unit from an elfin-yet breathtaking town of Azad Kashmir-the fantastic, Trarkhel.

The policy-indexed by this robust entity-if followed by resultant television in AJK can surely prove as a shepherd for the emancipation of the guiltless people, being targeted by the brash contaminated million-plus troops in Indian Held Kashmir who have turned the paradise on Atlas into a horror-spot. Creation of a think-tank-composed of the valid intellectuals n’ logicians-is ought to be taken as a pre-requisite to outline the cue-sheet of the first TV in a sensitive terrain like the AJK so as to ensure that the envisioned n’ visualized results are accomplished-in a strong-minded n’ resolute way.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).