America: A Society of Drones

In order to fully understand why Americans seem to be so ridiculously out of touch with reality we must take the time to critically analyze the nurturing of the typical American. It starts with America’s obsession with the hero. One must understand, that the United States is the result of the virtual extermination of an entire race, and the enslavement of another. With such a vile past, there has to be some type of palliative to sedate the reality that America was settled by pathological religious fanatics, or as neo-conservatives would like us to say, "benevolent humanitarians." So the American elites fostered the myths of these adventurous pilgrims who sought only freedom from religious persecution and the right to live as they so desired. Of course this is not wholly inaccurate because America’s first settlers were in search of freedom and other religious liberties, the problem was that they had to slaughter millions of people in order to achieve that. This is where the drone process starts for the American. Shortly after an American child is old enough to communicate verbally, their head is filled with lies.

The next stage of droning, and the most proficient, occurs during the eternity that most American children spend in an educational system which primary purpose is to indoctrinate. Here we have more fabrication and distortion of truths and the rudiments of a system of socialization. Horace Mann, arguably the father of public education, believed that the school system should function as a moral enterprise to teach and mold good citizens of the state. He was largely influenced by the Prussian school system, whose merits included keeping children in class for eight hours with very little interaction, devoid of creativity and intellectual adventure but, full of pliability. It is in this system that most Americans lose the ability to think for themselves or critically analyze. For example, you can convince them that the weakest country in the Middle East that is slightly over 6500 miles to the east of them is capable of flying remote control planes with payloads that will kill everyone.

The last and the most pathetic stage of droning takes place in the comfortable confines of American living rooms in front of the television. The corporate media in conjunction with the public relations industry have obscured the world for Americans to the point that it may be beyond fixing. Only in America do we believe that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary to end World War II. Only in America will you find a population where a majority believes that the land of Palestine belongs to the Jews because of an edict of God. The corporate media basks in their accomplishments; to control the minds of millions of people is quite an accomplishment. The sad part is that the American public could be the most integral force to stop a madman and his henchmen from further violating the sovereignty of the Arab world or from being the impetus for disunity in the Latin world. But we are too busy being fed malarkey about how magnificent it is to be us to realize that we are the next victims of the American machine.