America Owes The Muslims Nothing


Evaluation of the laws that regulates human relationship is moot across the different nations, religions and cultures, as the basic concepts of good and evil, right and wrong varies considerably. However, despite these differences, most people would concur that any society claiming to be civilised must apply its laws consistently, encompassing every citizen, without bias. This is a universal principle and a hallmark of any civilised society.

The above-mentioned principle is also applicable to the international arena where nations are subjected to the various UN resolutions issued and enforced by the Security Council. Therefore, to maintain peace, justice and stability in the international arena the UN resolutions must be applied without bias, chronologically and consistently to all the member states.

On the contrary, the leading Security Council member the US with the rest of its allies has been applying the resolution(s) selectively and rigorously against the Arabs/Muslims. This type of discriminatory behaviour is characteristic of an apartheid racist state. Thus, the UN has been practically transformed into a court that is presided over by the likes of Ku-Klux-Klan, where the Arabs/Muslims are at the receiving end rather than the blacks. This has been a constant feature of the unspoken US fundamentalism, where the developing world including the Arabs/Muslim has been its victim.

Take the recent war in Iraq as an example. The Iraqi compliance to the UN resolution was proven as no WMD was found in Iraq. Even the US appointed weapons inspector David Kay to the more relatively neutral UN inspector like Hans Blix have confirmed this without a shadow of doubt. Iraq even lacked effective conventional weapons in the words of Colin Powell expressed in Cairo prior to the war. Furthermore, Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector also highlighted that the declaration given by the Iraqi government prior to the war has not been proven to be false. Where as with the unfolding of events, most of the claims of Blair-Bush team has been shown to be lies, built upon stacks of lies and deception.

What is so hypocritical is that prior to the Iraq war, the western intelligentsia talked about the credibility of the UN on the basis of Iraq’s technical ‘compliance’, but yet, no such construction was made for Israel who has been flippantly ignoring numerous resolutions issued against it since 1948. In fact, the real credibility of the UN arises from its ability to resolve conflicts and provide justice to the victims. Hence, it was the expansionist Israel that posed a greater threat rather than Iraq, which was confined to its border for the last decade. It has been reported that over 66% of Europe’s masses consider Israel to be the main threat to world peace. Even in the US this figure is approaching 50%. In the bastion of democracies, these popular opinions are never reflected; similarly these democratic crusaders ignored the vast public opinion against the war in Iraq.

Even this aspect of shameless American hypocrisy of selectively applying some UN resolutions whilst leaving the inconvenient ones rotting on the shelf has been crossed by the approval of Ariel Sharon’s plan to confiscate more lands from the West bank and to prevent the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their rightful homeland. So, the US has now graduated from ignoring unfriendly resolutions to violating its terms without shame.

Therefore, like the courts of the Ku-Klux-Klan, Iraq and Palestine was burnet on the cross, whilst the murdering Israelis roam free to commit assassination, confiscate lands, demolish houses and build an apartheid wall to keep the sub-human gentiles (non-Jews) out. So, why does the US show blind favouritism towards Israel whilst total disregard for the Muslims/Arabs? Of course, many will point to the disproportional power and representation of the Jews within the West but even that cannot entirely mitigate the predatory attitude and behaviour of the West towards the Muslims/Arabs. It is high time that the more fair minded people in the West stood up to this duplicity and injustice in order they don’t become accomplices to another holocaust which may be many times greater.

The justification given by the US to Ariel Sharon’s plan that it is ‘unrealistic’ for the Palestinian refugees to back has once more confirmed its bias and hypocrisy. Why is it ‘unrealistic’ for the Palestinians to rightfully return to their homeland where they know the precise location of their property that was usurped from them? Yet any Jew from Europe or the US can come at anytime and occupy the lands even though he or she has never lived there! Where is the justice and fairness in this?

Then the argument develops, the Jews lived in Palestine thousands of years ago, and GOD promised them the land being the ‘chosen’ people. So, it is now ‘realistic’ to back thousands of years but not to the last fifty years! Furthermore, does anyone ever think as to why is it ‘realistic’ for the Jews to constantly bully the Germans, Swiss and others to compensate for their sufferings during the second world war but it is ‘unrealistic’ for the Palestinians to receive the same which occurred subsequent to 1948 and continues to occur until today?

In spite of the US producing such discriminatory policies against the Arab/Islamic world, it still claims to be an honest broker in the Palestine-Israel conflict. Colin Powell like his earlier assertion on Iraq’s WMD insisted that US is still a neutral party in the conflict. That is as truthful as a redneck African slave trader from Mississippi arguing that the slave business is not about oppression and profit but actually helping or in the current context ‘liberating’ the slaves. The following points elaborate as to why the US cannot be an honest broker nor appreciate fully the plight of the Palestinians.

a). History

The US and Israel shares a common history in that both nations were created out of terrorising and uprooting an existing peaceful nation. The Arabs were betrayed (Sykes-Picot treaty) like the Native Americans, and such betrayal has been repeated once again by the endorsement of Ariel Sharon’s plan. Stealing other peoples land, breaking on its promises, violating its own principles, genocide for profit, such activities over the years have shaped the nature of the ruling elite within the US, as Noam Chomsky often refers to as colonial violence. The acts of these civilised people would put even the Mongol hordes to shame! Hence, the US cannot fully appreciate the agony of the Palestinians in the same way a thief cannot moralise about the crime of another individual, unless of course the thief had no conscience about hypocrisy.

b). Religion

The US leadership has been fused with Zionists and Christian fundamentalists. The Christians believe Israel is part of God’s plan, and it belongs to the Jews, so the Christians must make it happen regardless of the costs. More cynical is the belief that the building of the temple of Solomon where the present day Mosque of Al-Aqsa (Third holiest site for the Muslims) is situated is essential for the second coming of Jesus.

Thus, the crusader zeal of the US has propelled it to constantly ‘legitimise’ the Judisation of Jerusalem, which explains in part for its support of Sharon’s unilateral decision on the West Bank. Yet, it is the hypocritical US along with its cronies in Europe that constantly brags about its militant secular identity by taunting the Muslims about keeping religion out of politics. Now, the same taunted Muslims must accept the right of Israel on the basis of someone else’s religion!

In addition, why should the Arabs/Muslims accept the verdict of a Jewish GOD? Why should any rational person accept that GOD (Jesus is considered to be GOD according to the medieval Christian theology) has approved the annihilation of innocent people or what ever it takes to build a temple in order to facilitate His return? Such types of beliefs are the hallmark of real religious extremists that is littered within the US ruling elite including the State Department and the Pentagon, which nobody wants to talk about.

c). Strategic interests and Capitalist greed

The strategic role of Israel in the region is that it is a beacon of Western civilisation penetrating the ‘dark’ Islamic world. There is the constant brag about being the only democracy in the region; whilst in reality it violates the basic democratic principles with its racist Talmudic laws. Israel was unanimously declared as a racist state by many nations in a meeting in South Africa. Yet, ironically only Colin Powell like Condaleza Rice another self-confessed victim of racism came to defend Israel on behalf of the lone US. Is it money or power or fame that blinds people?

The US-Israeli policy is also to maintain the status quo of weak and divided Arab states, by supporting the spineless feuding regimes who’s interests rarely extends beyond their tribes and maintaining the inherited artificial colonial borders. Furthermore, the Arab/Muslim countries are prevented from developing any significant military capabilities whilst enhancing Israel’s military power in absolute terms, which keeps the Arab/Muslims countries subjugated. This allows the capitalists in the US to rape these countries, one by one.

Subjugated nations in general will not exhibit economic progress but will function with a short-term view. So, they sell their precious oil in return for consumer goods. Therefore, there is the constant supply of cheap oil from these feeble oil-rich states, and it is this oil that is now being used to drive the tanks in Fallujah and Gaza. Even the money (petrodollar) from the sale of oil largely ends up in the financial institutions of US and Europe.


It was only recently that the British TV presenter Kilroy-Silk expressed his vitriolic diatribe against Arabs, meaning Muslims and Islam, stated: “We (West) owe Arabs nothing”. The endorsement of Ariel Sharon’s plan has more or less echoed that view in Political terms by the US. Hence, it is only right that the Arabs/Muslims must reciprocate in the same manner.

This means that a negotiated settlement is no longer an option by any standard. As most of the commentators have rightly stated that the recent US endorsement of Ariel Sharon’s plan has in effect torn up the peace treaty. In addition, it is irrational to expect justice from the vicious, cruel, violent, greedy, racist neo-Mongol hordes like the US and Israel.

Besides, a Palestinian state negotiated with the Israelis at most will be like an administrative department of Israel, where Yasser Arafat will perhaps be collecting the garbage instead of the Israeli authority. A state without military forces, economically dependent on Israel will be only in name. This framework would ensure that the relative power of Israel and the US hegemony increases in the region.

The genuine resistance movement in Palestine have to widen the conflict instead of confining it to the occupied authorities. Which means the entire world. It is futile to state that Israel is the enemy whilst ignoring its main lifeline the US and other sources of support that is emanating from places like Europe.

The Islamic movements with general masses should consider their actions to agitate from within the neighbouring countries, even if it provokes Israel to enter Jordan, Syria and Egypt. When it occupies more Muslims countries it will engulf more of the Muslims into the conflict directly. Simultaneously, the situation will expose the weakness of these tin pot Arab/Muslim regimes. Unification of the Arab/Muslim countries is an essential prerequisite for containing and confronting Israel, a fact that all of the leadership in the surrounding Arab countries are refusing to acknowledge but the masses know very clearly.