American Public should be worried over U.S. monitoring of Iraqis

How many computer files are in the possession of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies with regard to citizens of Iraq? For over a year, U.S. forces have been keeping track of many Iraqi citizens in order to seek and keep track of "insurgents", their families, and contacts. We have been told recently that citizens of Fallujah will soon have retinal scans taken and identification cards issued in order to track them in their own city by foreign occupiers.

The surveillance and tracking of Iraqi citizens in Iraq may very well portend the future of American citizens in America. The Patriot Act mentality and the mindset of high U.S. government officials should be very worrisome to all American citizens and lovers of freedom.

This is especially true when we consider the great likelihood of national upheaval within the American public when several potentially simultaneous calamities strike, including Peak Oil effects, global warming effects, and the unraveling of the U.S. economy due to weakening of the dollar and refusal of foreign investors to finance U.S. debt.

When any combination of these events occurs in the U.S., and American citizens begin to understand how thoroughly they have been exploited, "unrest" may be a very mild way of describing the reaction of the American citenry. When American consumers are no longer able to pay their bills and begin to lose their homes, possessions and even find they are unable to feed themselves, what will be the response of the citizens to the ruling elite, and how will the ruling elite manage these problems and disturbances?

Will American soldiers and intelligence forces take retinal scans of All-American citizens? Will national identity cards be mandatory? Will the government keep extensive computer files on each and every citizen in order to control and manipulate the population for the safety and maintenance of order?

Iraqis may very well be experiencing now what Americans will experience within this decade, perhaps long after American troops are pulled out of Iraq.

Why are no Americans thinking about these possibilities and questioning why these actions are necessary in Iraq? Will American freedoms easily be taken away?