America’s Fear is totally misdirected

The U.S. government is getting its way by promoting fear. Fear of terrorism grips the American people. Fear even of a single attack is so great that American people are making the conscious decision to toss away liberties and constitutional protections. The American people and their Congress is giving the government the legal right to spy on essentially everyone all the time.

And the media does everything in its power to support the powers that be. As John Pilger so correctly noted in his recent speech in Chicago, the emerged profession called "professional journalism" is a support beam of the status quo, of the establishment. Establishment journalists no longer question the powers that be; they provide a public sense of legitimacy and propriety.

As a result, the fear that Americans should be weighing is never even considered, never thought of at all. And that is the fear Americans should have of their government. The American people seem to not be concerned in the least over the indisputable record of being lied to by their government, being manipulated into war, being dragged into severe debt, being poisoned in mind and body and soul. The American people do not seem to worry that all the potential spying by the government will be aimed that themselves soon enough. The police state now being set into place incrementally is not for the control of foreign terrorists. It is to control the American people when they finally wake up and smell the coffee.

When Americans finally realize their economy is built on quicksand, that the working men and women were exploited in order to secure obscene riches for the few, and then to be discarded when the scheme collapses, then it will be too late. The government will have tightened the noose and democracy will be a thing of the past.

The American people should be smart enough to fear their government, not foreign terrorists. But instead, Americans focus on manipulated fears of phantom terrorists who, often, were themselves agents or patsies of the American government.

And the media reports all the wrong news with no hint of the distress that will soon enough unfold for all.