America’s Media? – A Colonial Force for Israel’s Infallibility

Zimbabwe expels U.N. rights investigator — (Washington Post, October 29, 2009)

Zimbabwe Deports U.N. Investigator — (New York Times, October 29, 2009)

Zimbabwe Deports U.N. Investigator — (Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2009)

BUT: The following headline is Absent.

Israel denied entry to Richard Falk, UN Human Rights special rapporteur and deported him from Ben Gurion — (December 15, 2008)

What’s the difference between the first three headlines and the last one?

Simple, the first three headlines that appear in the three Jewish / Pro-Israel papers don’t deal with Israel (Rupert Murdoch now owns the Wall Street Journal, a staunch Zionist nevertheless), the second headline does, so its <i>persona non grata</i> in “Their/our” media, although, both stories deal with the similar expulsion of two U.N. Representatives from Zimbabwe and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

U.N. Representatives Manfred Nowak and Richard Falk were to investigate human rights abuses and criminal acts in Zimbabwe and the Occupied Palestinian Territories respectively, but both were expelled, and both called upon the U.N. Human Rights Council to investigate this diplomatic outrage.

It is axiomatic that "their/our" news media protects Israel from any negative stories that may expose its war crimes; crimes against humanity, its three year siege of 1.5 million Palestinians denied access to food, water, and medicines, its imprisonment and torture of women and children as well as one third of the Palestinian elected representatives. It publicly states with all the chutzpah it only possesses that it does not want peace and let the world go to hell. And guess what, the world salutes, obeys, and moves on to the main story in “Their/our” media: The balloon boy that turned out to be a hoax, much like all the stories initiated by Israel and its lobby against Islam, Muslims, Arab countries, and its soon to be attacked Iran.

Shockingly, the world just accepts as de facto Israel’s repeated public statements that it will attack Iran damn the consequences to America and the world. There is no world outrage that this violates the U.N. Charter and International Law, i.e. to attack an innocent sovereign nation on the premise of “what if”, much like Bush/Cheney with Iraq. IAEA, U.S. Intelligence evidence be damned.

The only question the world acts is not if Israel will attack Iran but when, never as to how is this possible. If this is the case than Iran has the right to preemptively attack Israel with or without nuclear weapons and let the chips fall where they may.

“Their/our” media is the true Apartheid Wall between Israel and our nation. It strangles our capitol like an elastic beltway that it tightens and loosens according to Israel’s directions.

It is the whip that keeps our cowardly politicians in tow and our populace ignorant of the truth about Israel “our ally and only democratic government in Israel” Israel is the huge sucking sound that drains our money, military, and mind set while we like indoctrinated puppets cheer it on. We are helping Israel in its strategy to create our own national suicide.

Just recent examples of the Pro-Israel / Jewish media’s blanket love fest for Israel at the expense of our own national interest:

  • Not reporting on the Goldstone Report condemning Israel for its war crimes, criminal acts, and siege of Gaza, nor on Obama’s AIPAC directed rejection of it.
  • Failure by our networks to report on Israel’s newest Jewish spy who sold Israel sensitive national secrets. (Only Wolf Blitzer, a former AIPAC employee reported the story briefly simply to state that Israel is not implicated in any wrongdoing; way to prepare returning to AIPAC after you’ve left CNN)
  • Not reporting on the embarrassing slap to Obama on its continued building of illegal settlements, demolition of homes in Jerusalem, and its military/police attack on Islam’s third holiest site Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Not reporting on Amnesty International’s Report that Israel is controlling and depriving Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza of water to drink. It reports that the illegal settlers use more than four times the water allocated to the Palestinians to fill their swimming pools and water their gardens. This criminal act is deliberately ignored by the west les it has to issue its usual mild “concern”.
  • Not reporting on the quick AIPAC driven retreat by Obama calling for Israel to freeze all construction of illegal settlements including the outrageous claim of “natural growth”. Obama has now abandoned another of his campaign and policy promises to directly remain involve in the peace process (piece by piece theft of Palestinian land) between the traitor Mahmoud Abbas who should resign if he has any dignity left or be removed. And Netanyahu, the Nazi from hell.

A USATODAY report states that Obama’s top fundraisers have received the plumb jobs of Cabinet, Agency, and Ambassadorial appointments. (Top Obama Fundraisers Get Posts, October 29, 2009).

The story reports: “More than 40% of President Obama’s top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic postings in countries such as France, Spain and the Bahamas, a USA TODAY analysis finds. Twenty of the 47 fundraisers that Obama’s campaign identified as collecting more than $500,000 have been named to government positions, the analysis found.”

If you look closely you will find that the far majority of these donors are Pro-Israel / Jewish, many from Wall Street, or Pro-Israel activists.

So, why is America silent, confused, and supportive of Israel? Why do polls show Americans support Israel? Well, if your only source of information is our Pro-Israel / Jewish dominated media that inputs Pro-Israel Garbage in you’ll get Garbage out; in addition to the fear Americans feel to oppose Israel knowing the caller has their phone number and address. They don’t want to hear a knock on their door, Shalom.

Why is our Congress so slavishly a doormat for Israel’s Lobby?

Simple: Pro-Israel / Jewish money, Pro-Israel / Jewish Lobby, Pro-Israel / Jewish Media.

That’s why a shot in the arm of billions is going to Israel and Goldman Sachs while America’s children are left without the Swine Flu shot.