America’s Wealthy Waging Class War Against the Rest

America’s wealthy elite is among the wealthiest humans in the history of the world. These people live, not only in luxury, but also often in obscene luxury, with expectation of not maintaining, but increasing their wealth and holdings.

This effort to increase wealth of the ultra-rich amounts to class warfare against the rest of society. While schoolchildren in many cities have to do without books and bathrooms, the superrich fight to lower estate taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and other mechanisms that would transfer a fraction of their wealth to the remainder of society. Even a fraction of the wealth of the ultra-elite would go a long way to providing for the needs of society at large.

While millions of Americans have no healthcare, no insurance, and no retirement, the wealthy busily fight for corporate welfare, end of bankruptcy protections, and relaxation of rules against usury.

As petroleum production wanes and becomes every more expensive, putting additional wealth in the pockets of the industry magnates and investor class, the working class sees little effort to transition into renewable energy or next-generation energy sources that would reduce their burdens in maintaining even a modest lifestyle.

The rich often got that way by preying on the poor and the middle class. While the wealth and standard of living of the wealthy goes up to the stratosphere and beyond, the middle class continues to lose ground. Even with most wives in the workforce, even with long work weeks and minimal vacations and rest, the working class is steadily losing ground, with the wealthy skimming right off the top of the economy and paying fewer and fewer net taxes.

Greed for the rich is not only good, but it is god. The uber-rich worship at the alter of Mammon. Life is good when you are Donald Trump. You take other people’s money and often fail to repay it while you leverage it into Trump towers and casinos and plazas.

The American dream is on its way out. The coming failure of the dollar and the collapse of the American economy will traumatize the American people, but not before the elite have set up the necessary police state to protect themselves and their interests.

The American people have been seduced, and soon will be reduced to pauper-dom. Class warfare by the rich has been very successful. Americans should have taken a hint when it became clear that the pollution of the air by coal-fired electricity generation could cause massive outbreaks of asthma and even death without any regulatory concern by a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. The American people should have opened their eyes when they saw wars of conquest disguised as wars for democracy, while both political parties easily subverted democracy, now totally dominated by the uber-rich.

Reagan used to say that a brand new day is dawning in America. That day has nearly passed and a dark night is due to befall us. Class warfare has guaranteed that the dark night will be cold and miserable for the majority.