An Alliance of the Human Rot

Since the thesis of an inevitable confrontation between the West and the East, few of Huntington’s fellow warlords have had reason to look ahead with optimism. Since then, they don’t see anything but enemy in Islam and everything remotely associated with it. But are they the only one guilty for the ongoing turmoil?

Bush, Blair and their Islamophobic allies are no longer hiding behind the façade of weapons of mass destruction, democracy and liberation any more. This, in fact, exposes the rot on both sides of the divide.

The human rot on the Western side of the divide now openly demands total obedience from all Muslims. Not a single word of criticism is acceptable any more. Muslims must not even think of living any way of life or practice Islam in any way that is not approved by the neo-cons, Christian Zionists and other forces controlling the strings of the puppets we see on display.

A pre-requisite for being Muslims is to live by Islam, with the Qur’an and Sunnah as the primary source of law governing their lives. But Muslims now have to acknowledge in their constitutions that Islam is just “one source of …law, not the primary source” (LA Times, Aug 12, 2005). [1] To the human scum on the Western side of the divide, it doesn’t matter of doing so take Muslims out of Islam right away (al-Qur’an: 5:44-47, 12:76, 3:85, 12:40).

On the Eastern side of the divide, the rot is even deeper. Indeed, one of the reasons for the rot on the Western side is the human degradation that has taken place on the Eastern side.

Most of the bullied, gutless and spineless Muslims in power do not stop licking boots of their masters in London and Washington. Washington Times’ cartoonist was not wrong when he portrayed Pakistan as a dog because policies of a few shameless toads in powers reflect on their passive subjects as well.

Similarly, majority of the Muslim masses are no better than copy cats, who never stop mimicking ways of life and values which have no place in Islam. Besides this monkey-like trend, the number of Muslims selling their souls for dollar is on the rise. Such souls are generally called rats. But as dollars float, faithless Muslims find it hard to resist their temptation. The prosecutor in Aimal Kansi’s case was not off the mark when he said Pakistanis would sell even their mothers for a few thousand dollars. Michael Mann writes in his book, Incoherent Empire, that in preparation for dislodging the Taliban, “CIA agents spread out among the Afghan warlords with suitcases stuffed full of dollars, amounting in all to $45 million. A major warlord might get $1 million, a minor one $50,000.”[2]

So, this is the summary of the Muslim rot: a majority has turned to behaving like dogs, monkeys and rats. Without this malaise, the US would never have been able to prolong its occupations by a single day. It would not even have thought of lying to its own people in preparation for sacrificing their sons and daughters on the altar of neo-cons’ fascism. What is critical to note is that a majority of Muslims’ behaving in sub-human way is absolutely not because of Islam. It is because of their running away from Islam or resorting to making it acceptable to their masters.

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of justice and peace today is the belief among the rotten on both sides of the divide that cultures and civilizations are somehow self-generated and autonomous entities. This premise is as false as the sweeping belief that Islam is "a terrorist organization" which is "at war with America"[3] or that “Islam is evil.” This is not how civilizations develop.

The reality is that civilizations and religions are complex assemblies that come together amidst a string of variable factors that cannot be controlled, anticipated or changed with the barrel of a gun. It is naive to assume that the western way of life is the only acceptable, standard way of life and the Western world developed the way it did because of some inherent "essential" genius behind it. Most importantly, the 21st century fascists are not the true representatives of the Western way of life.

Those who want to dominate the world with claim that Western values are unique and that they were produced by some essential factors imbedded in their social and historical character are wrong. Unlike the ne-ocons and Christian Zionists’ black and white, evil and good approach, the recognition of the contingent and circumscribed nature of western civilization and cultural development is of crucial importance for the West today, for the simple reason that it may encourage westerners to be more relativistic in their approach towards other cultures and societies, particularly Muslims.

Under the influence of the rot, many in the West condemn and judge Muslim societies without looking closely at themselves. They fail to ask the most obvious of questions: What is really happening in the Muslim world and why? Are the problems because of Muslims’ embracing their faith or is it because of their sidelining the core of Islam? If they do this, westerners may realize that Muslim religion and society is not the enemy of the West. This xenophobic blindness is becoming a major problem in the process of international dialogue. It is no wonder if the western states are less able than ever to understand that relying on human rot will never help them win any of the wars ranging from the “war within Islam,” to the “war of ideas,” “war on terrorism” or “extremism” to the war for “winning Muslim heart and minds.”

Payoffs to opportunists among Muslims may be tipping the scales in favor of the aggressors. But an increasing number of Muslims do not see payoffs as a reward. The resistance fighters in all directly and indirectly occupied Muslim lands are becoming heroes in the Muslim struggle for self-determination, and the hero myth probably invigorates a formidable resistance not cringing in fear of Imperial America to begin with.

On the other hand, counting on doing "business as usual" with the butchers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and elsewhere and ignoring all norms of human decency by running hundreds of torture centers, have already begun to expose the myth of a super-civilization and superior way of life of the modern day fascists.

Bullies generally aren’t brave, and it doesn’t take someone bigger than a bully to make that bully feel small. All it takes is enough strength and resolve to make sure the bully doesn’t get away without a bloody nose. The resistance in the Muslim world so far is good enough to give the warlords that bloody nose. Americans and British have started asking serious question about 9/11 and the lies for war in Iraq. The bullies that looked big in the skies over Iraq during ‘shock and awe’ operation look smaller and more distasteful by the day.

It is confirmed that the rot on the Western side of the divide does not have the courage of their beliefs, because their will to lead has been sullied by lies and deceptions. Communists could not convince many westerners, but an increasing number of people in the West now firmly believe the fact that the escalating US-Muslim world rivalry has nothing to do with freedom, democracy or promoting human rights. It is the negation of all. Rather, it is direct result of the marriage between the human rot on both sides of the divide. This alliance of the rot does not serve the humanity at all. The sooner people realize this reality; the more they would realize that the days of this alliance are numbered.


[1]. Alissa J. Rubin, “Envoy Delivers U.S. Vision for Iraqi Constitution,” Los Angeles Times, August 12, 2005.

[2]. Also see Woodward, Bush at War.

[3]. For details see: Paul Farhi, “Muslims Call Comments by WMAL Host ‘Hate-Filled’,” Washington Post, Tuesday, July 26, 2005; C01