An open letter to Jose Manuel Barroso :: Response to an interview in The Daily Telegraph (UK) about "Political Correctness" ::

The Honorable President Jose Manuel Barroso
E.U. Commission President

Dear Mr. President:

I read with deep interest your interview with the U.K. Telegraph entitled: "Political correctness is killing our freedoms" (March 22, 2007). [1] Although, I commend you for your statement that you oppose the banning of the veils for Muslim girls in schools, although more and more EU countries are considering such laws, I am astonished at the most glaring double standard the article imparts to you which refers to your opposition to "political correctness" in Europe when it concerns such issues as, "climate change, cheap air travel, Islam and free speech"; however, missing from the discussion is the fact that only in the E.U. is any discussion on the Holocaust a crime punishable by jail time.

Thus while you speak of the primacy of individual rights and freedom of speech when Islam is the object of such venom, you, as expected from any European or western politician, deny such freedom of expression to yourself and others when such free speech is directed to the Holocaust, or Israel’s brutal occupation, siege, starvation, daily killing, and total denial of human rights for the Palestinians. Free speech is muzzled in the E.U. regarding Israel due to Holocaust guilt, fear of the Anti-Semitic label, loss of campaign financial support, media character assassinations; perhaps even fear of political dirt unearthed by the “by way of deceit” Mossad.

Israel at will can deny visas, snub meetings, or even deport any E.U. politician without as much as a courageous whimper from you or the entire E.U. Commission or Parliament. You have not said one word on the need for the E.U. to bypass the Israeli-American boycott of all humanitarian aid to the 1.4 Million Palestinian residents of Gaza lest you "upset" Israel.

While the E.U. bravely demands Arab nations or Iran to immediately implement a single U.N. Resolution, Israel has defied dozens of U.N. Resolutions without your personal "freedom of speech" to point that out to the entire world. The E.U. is doing Israel’s bidding against Iran, a signatory of the N.P.T. Treaty, for a future potential of a nuclear bomb, while Israel, not a signatory of the N.P.T. has 200 – 400 nuclear bombs; but, again your "freedom of speech" to highlight this hypocrisy is muzzled.

The I.C.C. has ruled that Israel’s "Apartheid Wall" is illegal, but the E.U. seems to be a.w.o.l. on that issue as well, preferring diplomacy (translation: cowardice) to any meaningful action against Israel.

You’re quoted in the article as saying: "We have to show respect for all communities but the fundamental right of freedom of expression is for me more important than other collective rights.”

Sir, you should have added, "Except when it comes to Israel".

The Holocaust is Europe’s Christian bidding, not Islam’s, but it’s Islam and the Palestinians who are today the second victims of the Holocaust. Europe and America forcefully implanted, armed, financed, and protected Israel since its artificial creation in the Arab world thereby ethnically cleansing the world’s largest and longest suffering of Palestinian refugees.

A future historical mystery will be to resolve how one small Jewish nation was able to successfully manipulate and influence the entire western world (notice I did not use the word "civilization") to continue its armed expansionism, colonialism, and ethnic cleansing of an innocent population in direct and blatant defiance of the western "values" of independence, rule of law, democracy, self determination, freedom, liberty from tyrants and occupation, respect for human rights, tolerance of others, international laws, treaties, conventions; and the pursuit of happiness. Obviously such ideals are rightfully and singularly the domain of the west, damn the dark southern continents, and why not; the U.N., the E.U., the World Bank, the I.M.F., the W.T.O., the I.C.C., the Hague, and much more, are all western creations to implement western interests at the expense of the lives, lands, and resources of the have nots.

The West is the judge, jury, and executioner (i.e., the decider, decision-maker) of the third world. As the Roman historian said of the Roman Empire: "They make a desert, and call it peace."

Samuel Huntington, the author of the much believed "Clash of Civilizations", reinforced Tacitus’ quote by reflecting the more modern European and American history when he wrote:

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

Realizing the error of his historical thesis on Islam, Huntington updated his manifesto in an interview in the Observer "So Are Civilizations at War?" [2] by Michael Steinberger, October 21, 2001 by stating:

"I don’t think Islam is any more violent than any other religions, and I suspect if you added it all up, more people have been slaughtered by Christians over the centuries than by Muslims."

Islam is not the enemy of the West; it has been the West that has never accepted Islam since its inception. The terrorists who claim to be Muslims are Muslims by birth, not faith. They must be condemned and militarily stopped if necessary, but in order to do that the West needs the help of the Muslim world. However, while Muslims overwhelmingly reject the terrorist’s murderous actions they sympathize with the principles of freedom and self-determination of Muslims from Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, and the Philippines. Until the west accepts that the key to winning the hearts and minds of Muslims is through a free, independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, no amount of Euros, Dollars, smart bombs, or nuclear threats will bring peace to either world.

Sir, you’re about to leave your post. Do you have the leftist firebrand still beating in your heart and conscience to go to the Palestinian occupied territories and proclaim to the world that the end of the "war on terror" and the honorable exit from Iraq for the west is through a free Palestine?

If you do then you would have lived up to your principles as quoted in the Telegraph article. If not, then please spare us the lip service and hypocritical lectures on "free speech."

Beware of Soren Kierkegaard’s (Danish Philosopher) warning on free speech: "People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”

Most Respectfully;

Mohamed Khodr M.D.


[1]. "Political correctness is killing our freedoms"
by Bruno Waterfield
The Daily Telegraph (UK), March 22, 2007

[2]. "So Are Civilizations at War?"
by Michael Steinberger
The Observer, October 21, 2001