An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

Dear Ralph Nader,

Despite what people hear from sell-out progressives, there are people in this country who want a positive candidate to vote for. There are many of us who want to vote FOR someone we respect and admire, and not vote against someone or for a candidate we despise only because he is slightly less awful than the other guy.

Mr. Nader, you are the only good candidate in this election, and it is a shame and a travesty that the Democrats have such a shameful candidate to take votes away from you. If the entire Democratic Party would simply abandon John Kerry (it’s not too late!) and vote for you next week, we could have four good years, not four slightly less awful years.

Mr. Nader, all those Democrats and all those progressives who are so angry with you are the very same persons who stood by and allowed the Bush Administration to enact all its horrors with hardly a peep until election season. Why didn’t Kerry and Pelosi and Daeschle stop the War in Iraq before it got started? Why could they not detect the lies of the Bush Administration in real time, like so many of us did? Why did Kerry and Pelosi and Daeschle not stop the Patriot Act? Why have the Democrats gone along with the entire disastrous Bush program, showing no foresight, no leadership, and no guts until so much harm has been done?

Mr. Nader, even today on the radio, Norman Solomon, who acknowledged that Kerry was wrong on Iraq and is still wrong, said he planned to fight Kerry after the election to obtain a progressive agenda. What makes him think Kerry will change, when Kerry is trying to outBush Bush? Why not reject Bush and Kerry and pick a man of true principle?

Mr. Nader, we know that if Kerry is elected, the country will still be in big trouble. If Bush is elected, the Democrats can start playing defense as you suggested. Why have the Democrats not long ago started impeachment proceedings against Bush and his entire administration? Why have the Democrats not consistently voted in unison against the Bush agenda and driven his program into a quagmire of Congressional stalemate? Mr. Nader, if Bush wins, the Democrats should be able to make his next four years far more difficult and unproductive than the past four.

Ralph Nader, do not leave this race! We need you to provide proof that American democracy can present a candidate that people of conscience can proudly vote for. We need you to show what the Democrats should be fighting for. We need you to shame the sell-out progressives who are going to regret the next four years, no matter whether Kerry wins or whether Bush wins. By voting for you, we can say that at least we tried to do something right in this election.


Stan Moore