An Open Letter to Senator Robert Byrd

The Honorable Senator Robert Byrd:

You, of all Senators, have had the courage to speak up on unpopular issues that harm our national security and economic well being. You were among the first to oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq that today has become a mass grave for Iraqis and Americans alike. A once thriving nation, albeit under dictatorship, has been sanctioned and bombed into the Stone Age.

Iran, like Iraq, poses no security threat to our nation either militarily or economically by threatening our oil supply. Iran has a weak army due to decades of sanctions, it has no nuclear weapons which it wouldn’t use in any case to ensure its survival, and like many signatory nations to the N.P.T. has the right to pursue a peaceful nuclear program. The IAEA has inspected its facilities for years and found no evidence till today of any nuclear weapons program. Israel is the sole nuclear possessor of WMD’s (200-400 nuclear bombs and is a non signatory to the N.P.T. Israel threatens the MidEast with a nuclear holocaust not Iraq, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, or Hamas.

Under what human rationale does Bush after our deadly and costly quagmire in Iraq is now beating the war drums against Iran for its non existent WMD’s.Sounds familiar. But more importantly, it’s the same Pro Israel Neocons, both Jewish and Christian, who are hell bent on pushing this war mad President to another confrontation with a more powerful, larger nation with a population unafraid to die.

Can we possibly stop this madness?

  • Attacking Iran will only serve Israel’s interest, not America’s.
  • It will be America’s youth who’ll die, not Israeli’s, nor Cheney’s, Bush’s, Rice’s, Bolton’s, Abe Foxman’s, or our Media elite. Our already bankrupt nation will only further be in debt to nations like China.
  • Oil supply will be jeopardized to us, the E.U., China, Japan etc. and only Russia can benefit from this economic disaster.
  • Given the already civil war between Shiite and Sunnis in Iraq, attacking Iran will inflame the Shiites throughout the MidEast to attack Americans, European etc, civilian or military and jeopardize the stability of our beloved dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and the Gulf states. Civil wars will expand hammering the last nail in the coffin of peace in the region.
  • The common denominator behind the civil strife in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon is Israel: After the Israeli Amen corner pushed naïve Bush into a “Next stop…Baghdad” war; now the same strategy is being applied to “Next Stop…Tehran.” The common source for all the Intelligence reports on Iraq’s W.M.D.’s used by the western world to justify invading Iraq was Israel. They lied then, they’re lying now.
  • Attacking Iran will unite all Muslims against the U.S. for its perceived war on another of Israel’s large enemies.
  • The U.S. and Israel, the dynamic arsonists of MidEast wars and conflicts, will only further alienate us and our interests from the world.


1. The root cause of our conflict with the Muslim World is:

America’s blind support of Israel’s brutal occupation of millions of Palestinians.

Only America in the entire world is in politically convenient denial of this truism Our government is too cowardly to face Israel and its Lobby’s bribery of our Government and intimidation of the public; witness what happened to President Carter, a friend of Israel.

2. Diplomacy: Talking to Iran, Syria and the Arab League can resolve many of the issues. But who’s preventing such American diplomacy as lastly advocated by the Iraq Study Group? Israel, as it’s done for 60 years. Peace in the MidEast has never been in Israel’s interest since 1949 when it thumbed its nose at President Truman’s Peace offer in the Lausanne Conference. Perhaps you can read Ambassador Mark Etheridge’s report to President Truman on Israel’s behavior at that conference.

3. If Palestine is truly addressed based on U.N. Resolution 242 (2 states 4 two peoples); the MidEast inflammation will be snuffed out and America can have its peace and oil at the same time.

Only you, Sir, who’s ever had the courage to speak about our incredible aid to Israel, one of the world’s richest nations, being secure in your position and history, can courageously address this on the Senate floor. America loves you and will wholeheartedly support you in your patriotic stand for America’s interests.

American lives and economic security are worth such courage. Reclaiming our independence from a foreign nation is worth all the political risk.

You Senator can be the deliverer who answers the reckless "decider."

God be with you. Rest assured that the American people will support you in speaking the truth. America must stop paying and dying for Israel’s interests.

“Every nation has its war party. It is not the party of democracy. It is the party of autocracy. It seeks to dominate absolutely.”

— Senator Robert M. La Follette


Mohamed Khodr