Anticipating U.S. Government Control of the Internet in the Near Future

The cabal now in control of the U.S. Government has stated as a policy objective the control of cyberspace. This is well-documented in the writings that were published by the Project for the New American Century. The time is approaching when this may actually occur, and the reason is that the internet, email, and cyberspace have become integral channels of communication and strategizing by persons of conscience who dissent against government propaganda and illegal and immoral government behaviors and actions.

The day is coming when the U.S. Government, particularly the Bush Administration, but also completely supported by Congress and the Democratic Party, will put the nation into more or less a permanent security nightmare and even a police state. A much-discussed scenario under which this might happen would be an unprovoked attack by U.S. forces against Iran in June (next month), with a predictable result of counter-attacks against U.S. interests by Iran itself, other Muslim nations, and perhaps a distinct chilling of relations between the U.S. and European or other world powers.

Another unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation by the U.S. could easily be the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of world peace and national security within the U.S. The U.S. government could possibly declare a state of emergency, perhaps martial law, and perhaps immediately take steps using military and police means to control all internet servers, all internet and email communications and to thus completely undermine means of dissent and open communication. Martial law may be declared. It may be declared illegal and even treasonous to criticize the government or verbally oppose its policies and actions.

We may soon see the day when our worst fears become reality in America. The powerful corporate elite will not reform themselves. Chain reactions will lead to emergencies in the future that may make previous world wars look like child’s play, because the stakes will be very high and survival will be at stake, not merely control of resources and finances.

Prepare for the worst.