APHC’s Spirited Vow



Amid chaotic n’ erratic avowals-on Kashmir-by India’s fanatic ‘stalwarts’, an All Parties Hurriyat Conference [APHC] delegation has set off a course of interaction with envoys from overseas-based in New Delhi-to acquaint them with the swelling n’ perilous scenario in the Indian Held Kashmir, an upshot of the wave of despotism, unleashed by the armed muggers on the guiltless populous of the charismatic Himalayan State.

To begin with the chivalrous APHC leaders have had an in-depth dialogue with apex emissaries from diverse countries, appraising the diplomatic community with an up-date picture, marked by a non-stop callous reign of terror by the sadistic Indian armed invaders of the held-State.

Led by its’ Chairman, Maulana Abbas Ansari the APHC team met American, Pakistani and Iranian diplomats with a brief about the nasty magnitude of Indian atrocities with a call to the diplomats to exert optimal pressure on New Delhi warlords to cease the human rights’ infringements by bringing the reign of terror on Kashmiris to a permanent end-at-once.

The members of the delegation overtly made it crystal-clear that the Kashmir issue must be resolved in line with the wishes of Kashmiris to ensure a durable peace and security in the South Asian region.

Going by the index of the history of the struggle for freedom in IHK, the real facet which emerges-overtly-is that India’s militant leadership-led by AB Vajpayee n’ his buddy LK Advani seem to be in a zest to tag on with their antagonistic posture-swelling with the advent of every dawn. Yet they are naive about the ground reality that they are trying to face a rock-solid nation-which if they go through the pages of record-has taught not only the wicked Dogras but also to India a life-size lesson, which a pragmatic historian would always ink in fabulous n’ marvellous words.

With this veracity India is ought to eschew all types of illusions, else they would confront nothing except a haemorrhage as with such a mindset-each n’ every outburst uttered by them-shall be contradicted by a death-defying state of affairs, equipped with full might. An endless horrific set-up-let loose on the innocent people by the iniquitous Indian charlatans-over the past five decades has attested nothing except a outrageous discomfiture for the New Delhi’s grotesque mindset and it would carry on till such time that the Kashmir Issue is resolved-in such a fashion which candidly replicates the in-most feelings of the epic n’ classic souls-their State’s accession with Pakistan at all costs.

With this factuality India-itself fully knows that it can not rip-off the global view any more and the time is just in close proximity when the New Delhi rulers shall have to bow before the explicit n’ decisive will of the gallant people of the Jammu and Kashmir-in line with the historic resolution of July the 19th 1947 which was adopted-with one voice at their spirited representative assemblage held in Srinagar-airing vis-é-vis all dimensions of horizons, a resolute avowal-then categorically authenticated by the UN resolutions-inexorably [for plebiscite]-that the destiny of the Jammu & Kashmir state-by all norms of logics n’ acuity-is knotted with Pakistan alone.

Pragmatically speaking isn’t it a fact that Kashmiris are engaged in a bona fide resist [against hostile Indian prowlers] who are occupying-with almost a million armed might-a part of their gorgeous land? The valiant Kashmiris are, in fact adding an immaculate golden chapter in their epic history by making-matchless-supreme sacrifices with the advent of every dawn.

Least upset on the reign of terror, set free-in a nutty way-by the ferocious Indian troops who are betrothed in puckish acts of perpetuating furious brutalities against the innocent people in the India-held Kashmir-each and every Kashmiri is staunch to carry on the vindicated fight until the attainment of their valid, legitimate and prime aim of smashing the shackles of the Indian yoke to seek their universally-accepted birth right of self é determination-all the way through any sacrifice.

Due to their stupendous valour no doubt, the intrepid Kashmiri people are swiftly winning feelings of affinity, love and affection from every peace-loving nation world-wide-explicitly-from their eventual destination-Pakistan atop. With this perception-based on a singular objective to accumulate an optimal focus on the plight of the oppressed Kashmiris, their bona fide leaders are interacting with the influential world and this course shall continue till such time that the tyrannical Indian manacles are smashed for all times to come.

As has been said by President General Pervez Musharraf-during his meting with the AJK Prime Minister-the just a couple of days ago, Pakistan’s steadfast moral, political and diplomatic support towards Kashmiris’ warranted cause shall persist-com-what-may. The Presidents’ ricochet, no doubt manifests his zestful resolve, which has always been much adored by all segments of the fascinating State on both sides of the feeble LoC.

Pakistan’s well-acknowledged foreign policy [especially being perused ever since President Musharraf took over the reigns of power]-obviously manifests with an ardour for seeking a peaceable solution of this age-old issue and to pass on a clear-cut memo to the intercontinental community through all possible means-specifically-via the universal media to glue its curiosity on the Kashmir problem-which has been the root cause of the pushy tension in South Asia for decades.

Any auxiliary Machiavellian act on it’s [world-specifically the western] media’s part-rest assured-shall result into nothing except slotting it into a setting of ignominy n’ debase for overlooking an endorsed voice of a subjugated civilization-the Kashmiris. In this way-their all avers of objectivity plus adore for human rights shall evaporate in a jiffy.

It’s worth all eulogize that the persistent n’ authentic solidarity with the people of Jammu n’ Kashmir State by the supreme leadership in Pakistan is an inmost source of inspiration for the forcibly caged Kashmiris. It is significant to note that India, with tacit hug of some world powers is trying to portray Kashmiris’ equitable struggle as ‘a terrorist crusade’. New Delhi has nastily tried to intimidate Pakistan, even via massive troops’ build-up along the border-till last year-in a bid to put weight on Islamabad to give up its principled stand on the Kashmir issue. Yet in vain.

Prima facie, India wants to take benefit of the ongoing war against terrorism to perpetuate its illegal occupation of Kashmir, which-in fact-is nothing except its hallucination. Under such a dogmatic Indian approach, a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the apex global leadership to frustrate New Delhi’s monstrous designs, as these ploys stand fully exposed to the affable realms on the global Atlas.

We have-paradoxically-been in a way viewing criminal negligence both by captivating on unproductive visits abroad [especially by a diverse segment of top Kashmiri politicians [on this side of the LoC]-with oblivious hefty delegates-composed-by n’ large-of their sycophants, instead of opting for a set of erudite bona fide reps plus authentically au fait journalists] to symbolize as persuasive n’ credible lobbyists-as well as on the diplomatic front.

Despite the fact that ours is an upright position and Kashmiris have genuine grievances and demands, we have not been able to align the world public opinion-to a plausible lofty extent-on our side. It is not that the entire world is against us or favours India but we have made no tangible exertion on sustained basis to mould the international view-to thwart India’s media crusade which is as toxic as its deleterious mindset. There are steady grouses that most of the voyagers-beyond oceanic-plus our diplomats are more obsessed in their own interests than focusing their zest onto the real endeavour. Such a devious impend vis-é-vis the Kashmiris with their Pakistani brethren, who are mesmerized by the allures of such species even to the extent of pouring valued souvenirs with hefty monetary contributions with fragrant n’ aromatic bouquets-dwelling at home n’ more specifically beyond oceanic in the West-must come to a close.

There is-simultaneously-an imperative need to motivate the travelling delegates-through an in-depth update brief-plus to set in motion our missions abroad, predominantly those in the imperative capitals of the world to frustrate India’s malevolent n’ spiteful propaganda drive vis-é-vis the Kashmir issue by projecting it in its true perspective, which can-conveniently-be made achievable via a clued-up think tank because Pakistan’s view-point has already be accredited-unanimously-at the highest problems’-solver forum-the United Nations whereas India has no Locus standi-whatsoever.

With this outlook, the voyage to Delhi by the heroic APHC leaders of the chivalrous Kashmiris is not only a glittering n’ ideal lead to peruse n’ project the Kashmir cause in a compelling way but also a straightforward spirited n’ laudable feature to solicit unison of the world for instantaneous solution of the Kashmir issue, reflecting the truthful aspirations of the charming n’ cute State. Such a pragmatic course-as has been set in motion by the APHC-is ought to serve as an eye-opener for the comity of nations-with an await that it would assert its utmost coerce on India [even to the extent of imposing sweeping sanctions against it-[as was done by the United States-via its ‘marvellous zest’-towards Vietnam, Cambodia, Libya and related vicinities in the African belt as well as vis-é-vis Palestine-and of late on Iraq] to give up its [India’s] egotistical n’ pugnacious posture by bending before the ground reality that New Delhi shall have to pull-out its troops for eventua! l quit from Paradise on Earth-one day, perceptibly in the near future.

With this out-look, the only way left for India-to avert all types of skirmishes-is to come to the table of talks with Pakistan for an early de-escalation of the region’s edgy set-up.

Discarding their ludicrous stance, the New Delhi warlords shall have to concede to-every sagacious soul- that such an approach is indispensable for peace in South Asia which can obviously be made possible-alone with instantaneous solution of the core issue of Kashmir, in line with the aspires of the Kashmiri people.

Else zeal to clutch the notion of peace in the region-rather around the globe-shall stay on nothing beyond a castle in Spain or a chimera. The onus-for such a petrifying course-shall rest with India alone and the gallant Kashmiris are dexterous enough to saturate all ploys-being applied by New Delhi-to helix Horror in Paradise. Isn’t it so-Vajpayee-cum-Advani?

The only course left at-least for the sake of India’s famished billion-plus populace-of whom almost half is shabbily living below the poverty-line-is that India should instantaneously relinquish Kashmir-at least for the Indians’ affluent future which can be made possible-alone-by setting aside absurd n’ risky war hysteria-which is detectable from Indian headship’s gluttony for accumulating arsenal of mass-destruction [WMDs] by callously disregarding even the minimal needs of its insolvent class.

Anyway India can’t surmount the dynamic will of the resolute Kashmiris-what ever tactic it may apply. A testimony of the fact can conveniently be assessed from the realistic call-the APHC leadership has aired to the world-in a steadfast way. It’s-no-doubt-a ground reality-that no one on earth can deny Kashmiris’ birth right of self-determination via any gambit! We salute the valiant APHC leaders-for their epic statement-even from the nucleus n’ podium of the cantankerous acts of state terrorism-New Delhi, and wish them all the best in the earliest conquest of their cherished goal.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).