Approaching the actual end of history

After the fall of communism, Francis Fukuyama prematurely declared that liberal democracy constitute the “end point of mankind’s ideological evolution” and the “final form of human government.” He hastily called it “the end of history.”[1]

Fukuyama could see the present. However, he could hardly foresee that the world was still a couple of decades shy of the actual end of history: the time when both communism and its adversary capitalism -” along with the ideology of convoluted democracy that sub serves and sustains it -” would lay in ruins.

Ideologically, the world is presently divided into the relevant and the not-so-relevant world. The relevant world is further divided into the Muslim majority countries and the US and its allies, which are pitted against Islam.

Despite being at its worst, the Muslim world is still relevant because of its potential to reemerge, lead and go for the best. The Muslim world is at its worst, not because of the ideology it has to follow, but because of the other ideologies it actually embraced.

To the contrary, the US and its allies are relevant only because of their present potential to dominate and destroy. But they are heading for the worst because of the core weaknesses and killer principles of their ideology. These have been exploited to their best by the corporate terrorist and other religious zealots. As a result, this part of the relevant world is on its way to becoming really irrelevant ¾ even beyond the not-so-irrelevant world -” in the near future.

The not-so-relevant world consists of the countries like Japan, Nepal, Korea and others which have contributed token forces to join the United States’ unlawful and illegal adventures in the Muslim countries from enforcing genocidal sanctions to sustaining puppet regimes and consolidating occupations.

The not-so-irrelevant world is technologically advanced and some of the countries have strong economies as well. But in the ultimate and real struggle of life that doesn’t count. When the bubble of the much vaunted democracy and capitalism bursts, everyone would be equally devastated, except those who have an alternative model to resort to for governing their individual and collective lives.

The Muslim world has suffered different forms of colonialist adventures, direct and indirect occupations and outright economic exploitation at the hands of the capitalist institutions, particularly over the past two hundred years. The present turmoil is awakening its potential to rise and lead.

The more the Muslim world is pushed against the wall and the more the 21st century fascists promote the “war within Islam,” the more it brings out its best against the worst and moves towards what it has to be. Iraqis could never think of the sacrifices that they are giving today. Despite suffering under the tutelage of Saddam for many years, they could not think of giving their lives to work towards the future they deserve.

Saddam is overthrown by the Iraqis’ worst enemy and it is confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that the US can never stay in Iraq for ever. The same will happen everywhere else. Although, the most favored mini-fascists would grant bases to the US. But that strategy has hardly paid off in the past, and this is highly unlikely to deny Muslims their right to self-determination for long.

Ideologically, once Muslims drifted from the core message of Islam, they tried many ideologies and ways of governing their individual and collective lives over the last 1300 years. Initially, they switched to empire building and later reduced themselves to sustaining kingdoms. Lately, they have been entertaining everything from sheikdoms to dictatorships and democratic tyrannies.

Muslims embraced communists and their ideology. Now most of the former communist-Muslims have jumped on the bandwagon of the modern-day fascists to become “moderates” and “progressives” Muslims. However, it won’t be too long to see them switching their present ideology, just as they did after the fall of communism in our life time; before our eyes.

With the exposed objective of keeping Muslims away from the Qur’an and Sunnah, bankruptcy of the US-pushed “moderate” Islam is already fully known. It has left Muslims with no alien ideology and watered down version of Islam to try. They have already reached at the real ‘end of history.’ So is it for the other part of the relevant world, but it still believes that it has the most civilized, advanced and unique way of life, which it has the obligation to impose upon the Muslim world at any cost.

The US and its barbarian allies do not consider the presently not-so-irrelevant world as a challenge or a grave threat because it does not have an alternative ideology, a different way of life and some core principles that can lead them to establishing a perfect model for the humanity. Muslim world has it in the form of Islam; hence is the most dreaded enemy.

The signs of the Muslim world’s going for the best and the US and Company’s for the worst are before our eyes. According to the law of equal reaction for every action, the consequences of the US war on Islam have started leading it with its allies towards the beginning or the worst.

Apparently, there have been successes for the war lords since the staged 9/11: the Taliban have been removed along with their dream to establish an Islamic model; their supporters are either in hiding or paying the price in the US concentration camps; Iraq has been occupied; Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are threatened and scared to the core.

The US freely operates within Pakistan and other Muslim countries. It is a far greater success than Iraq and Afghanistan because in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan, the US did not shed even a single drop of blood yet it effectively controls these countries compared to its partial rule in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These apparent successes are, in fact, the cornerstones for the future failures. To keep the war machine in action abroad, the modern day fascists have to whip the hysterical frenzy of Islamic terrorism at home. They have to keep the mythical monsters alive. They have to consummate a police state at home. These measure led them to the kind of degeneration which even the war lords are now realizing with shock. In June 01, 2005 column, Thomas Friedman expressed his shock at the consequences of the kind of policies he and his colleague were promoting.

Friedman expresses his fear: “While no single change is decisive, could it all add up in a way so that 20 years from now we will discover that some of America’s cultural and legal essence – our DNA as a nation – has become badly deformed or mutated.”[2] Too sad, the war lords could not foresee these consequences before they enthusiastically promoted defeating Muslims at the “heart of the Muslim world.”

The war lords still don’t get it right. They believe America’s DNA might be deformed in 20 years, ignoring the deformities that rest of world is so transparently witnessing today. Wish they could realize that going to war on Islam required a physical engagement somewhere. That in turn required terrorist acts to be staged, lies to be told; dissenting voices to be silenced; democracy to be ignored while ignoring millions of peoples’ demanding real inquiry into the staged terrorist acts and the lies for going to war.

Declaring a war on Muslims’ way of life also required to spread widespread hatred to demonize and declare them as evil. It is not strange that none of the mosques displays sign board calling their followers to flush Bibles down the toilets and to consider that Christianity is the enemy. But we see the same against Islam in the tolerant, civilized world. These are the signs for the US going from the state of relevance to the state of total irrelevance.

On the other hand, mini-fascists are on the verge of collapse. For example, Musharraf, who claimed 95% people are with him after a referendum in 2001, has now confessed to the newspaper editors that it is only a small minority that believes like him (Irshad Haqqani’s article in Daily Jang, May 24, 2005).[3] The majority has, however, realized that they are being exploited by the opportunistic minority that really deserves to be permanently removed.

The proposed and under construction US military bases are not going to save the US puppets forever. Their days are numbered. At the same time, not only the religious parties are realizing that they can never transform a society by working through corrupt and descript systems, but also the general public has realized that there is something wrong with their calling themselves Muslims but living by un-Islamic standards. So, the environment is getting ready for a major transformation.

Mass realization is the key. The realization that Islam is the only solution; that there is no Shia or Sunni in the basics of the Qur’an; that there is no subservience to the laws and standards, other than the laws and limits set by Allah; that they cannot simply call themselves Muslims while living by secular standards and laws, is enough for Muslims to fill the vacuum the moment the present capitalist order is collapsed and their remaining doubts are removed.

That’s how the seemingly impossible would become possible and the US may become so irrelevant that it may not be able to come out of the land mass between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Later on, disarrayed and internally collapsed former empire may not even be able to respond to anything across the Atlantic or Pacific, let alone safeguarding what it presently considers its national security assets.

This is the approaching juncture of history that we may call the actual end of history. With the demise of every other ideology, the only answer left to guide the humanity would be Islam: a lesson which human beings will learn at a very great cost.


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[2]. Thomas L. Friedman, “America’s DNA,” The New York Times, June 01, 2005.

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