Roadmap: A Fantasy or Short-Lived Love?

Trailing the global route of atypical nature, Pakistan and India have agreed on a basic roadmap for a peace process-“which the two nuke-neighbors-“envision with optimism ‘would eventually resolve all their disputes including the core issue of Kashmir.’

Towards the end of a 3-day interaction-“the first after a pause of almost half-a-decade-“Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Riaz Khokhar says;’ We do have before us now a sort of a basic roadmap for a Pakistan-India peace process to which we have both agreed.’

Analyzing with a pragmatic outlook, nothing else could be expected beyond this ‘achievement’ from an elfin-level contact between the two realms of South Asia, which remained betrothed in a hostile posture ever since the surfacing of Pakistan on the world Atlas-“as a sovereign state, which India, deviously did not recognize by heart.

As is indexed in the folio of ties between the two countries, the relations between the two relentlessly were blemished by irritants of perilous nature-“only because of stringency n’ egotism vis-à-vis the ground realities-“a traditional New Delhi style.

The newest overtures for peace n’ amity in the region are indubitably an upshot of Pakistan’s adore for first-rate ties with its’ all neighbors, of-course with India on the top of the catalog. This veracity has-“overtly-“been vindicated n manifested by every pragmatic nation-“even by the United States, the ‘unembroidered ruler’ of the present-day compass-“the orb.

Yet in spite of lofty hopes-“emotionally involved by the comity of nations-“towards the Indo-Pakistan link via parleys, a diminutive icon of a major breakthrough seems perceptible as New Delhi, prima facie persists with its illicit grip over a part of the Himalayan State of Jammu n’ Kashmir and is in no mood to turn flexible by bending before the legitimate aspires of the people of this magnetic terrain-“in any way.

Well-versed with the reality that this volatile issue is the root cause of tainted relations between India n’ Pakistan, it looks that New Delhi is glued with a gambit which shall, in the long run, make all the global ambitions evaporated via a simple rub of its customary flare-up.

With such a mindset, the on-gong delight of love for peace in South Asia by India would vanish in a spur of moment-“bringing back the volcanic milieu in this luckless region.

Every realist views that the current Indian zest for friendship with Pakistan is an ‘Election con’-“in other words a ‘short-lived love.’

Had it [New Delhi] sincere towards Pakistan’s fabulous gestures of goodwill, it would have instantaneously depicted an identical response by agreeing to a Summit-level talks to sort-out all the issues-“with Kashmir atop-“much before airing the outline of its polls. Paradoxically, the sketch of the situation stays-“as it was back in 1947.

We must eschew all types of illusions-“for the times to come. A mere accord on a ‘roadmap for amity’ ought not to be deemed as a ‘feat’-“in any manner. If an alike ‘roadmap’-“floated in the Middle East to avert perils in the cogent Palestinian State has-“by now-“proved fruitless n’ futile, how can we accept as true, the one about peace in confrontational South Asia?

Dispute the dissolution of the Indian Parliament, we believe that the BJP-Janta is strong enough to take major decisions for a serene scenario in the region-“provided it has a will or wish to do so.

For instance, if New Delhi can intensify the magnitude of atrocities in the forcibly-held area of the Jammu n’ Kashmir State-“even to the extent of eliminating to vocal and gallant voices of apex Kashmiri leaders, including the fêted figure Syed Ali Gilani-“there should be no obstacle in India’s way to get on to the task of a real process of dialogue with Pakistan-“with sincerity n’ candor.

We would-“once again-“like to remind India that there can be no lovable or jovial rapport, no trade, no exchanges in any loop-“and virtually no links with it sans the solution of the awaiting disputes, exclusively the Kashmir issue in line with the wishes of Kashmiris [in whatever mode they consider apposite]-“as, by all pragmatism are the key party.

At the same time we endorse the vision of President Pervaiz Musharraf, who has announced that ‘the next round of peace talks with India will take place later this year, just after the Indian elections, and that foreign ministers from the two sides will soon get involved in the negotiations.’

Breaking this news at a conference of Islamic clerics, the President viewed; ‘The talks have been held now. I want to tell you that in July or August, or God willing, in May or June and the next secretary-level talks will be held, immediately after the elections in India.’

Musharraf beamed to the world that ‘the Kashmir issue will be included and in July or August, when a Foreign Minister-level composite dialogue will be held.’

While eulogizing the anticipation of the President, we hope n’ pray for a grand n’ grandiose victory of his acumen n’ wisdom-“because, otherwise, the track-record of India’s hypocritical impend on account of the acidic experiences at Tashkent, Simla, Lahore declarations n’ of-late with a traumatized outcome at Agra-“has to-date been, full of complexities with a pose of catch-22.

At this stage, we can only articulate the icons of optimism-“yet with reservations. Going by the guide of the history-“we feel that such an dialect of India-“if at all persists would not be less than a marvel or miracle-“as its’ tone n’ tenor-“has, by n’ large been marred by sounds of antagonism.

By realism, we love peace, we love amity, we love friendship, we love all types of marvelous ties-“yet only by upholding our national dignity n’ honor leading-“with equilibrium as its podium. One can’t give a standing ovation with a solitary hand, which is ought to be reciprocated and backed by the other. Paradoxically, such a course has been missing-“from the Indian side.

Now is the time for India’s test as to what degree or scale n’ size is it really sincere for friendship with Pakistan. The gauge is overt. Its’ the core issue of Kashmir-“the solution of which is vital-“rather must-“for an amiable setting. Its’ virtually a taxing task-“from which BJP-“if at all returns to power in its’ realm-“may make an escape. If so happens, the world-“specially the United States-“shall have to step-in instantaneously [of-course via a vibrant diplomatic style and certainly not through its’ fascinating n’ cute marines, facing enormous risks in Iraq n’ elsewhere]-“to avert all perils to peace in South Asia.

With this acuity, we hope that sanity shall ‘grow with still more altitude’ on the part of India and it shall come to the table of meaningful negotiations-“with candidness-“to remove all types of irritants, which have been the origin of frostiness between the two neighbors-“lest it fails to see a road to peace in this part of the planet.