SAARC – The Siren!

Amid the advent of the dawn of New Year, a blend of the South Asian countries-with icon of a ‘fabulous title’-SAARC meets in the scenic n’ fascinating capital of Pakistan today-Sunday amid a pungent optimism that the Summit-level assemblage shall prove as an assenting turning-point by taking the perilous scenario in South Asia to a momentous peace course via the solution of the longed issues-with the Kashmir dispute atop-as this has always been the hub of irritants between the two nuke-neighbors-India and Pakistan.

Amid the swiftly shifting global environs, the event-perceptibly-seems as a significant and historic one, which-if goes by its paramount philosophy-can lead to attest its validity as an ‘idol’ of peace and harmony not only to the eventual affluence of the regional populous-in billions-but can also open archetypal and classic vistas for a durable amity, goodwill and camaraderie among the member States.

Whereas, every realistic mind values multiple reciprocal Confidence Building Measures [CBMs]-taken over the past few months, both by India and Pakistan-for the refurbishment and revamping of an amiable atmosphere in South Asia, it-simultaneously-expects that this decades-old dream shall stand translated into a reality-if a pragmatic vision is followed vis-à-vis the ground realities-which call for the initiation of a process of meaningful negotiations and across-the-board dialogue for the settlement of all the disputes, which have been plaguing the bilateral and multi-lateral excellence in the relations of the two key SAARC members-India and Pakistan.

With this perception, the process of a face-to-face contact-at the pinnacle-level-is necessitated to be free from all types of trepidations-as to who wins or who loses’. It’s so because where sincerity turns into a hallmark of talks, the fantasy of notion-phrased with the words-victory or defeat-becomes superfluous and redundant.

Egotism-when persists as a symbol of stipulation-not only makes the tangible objective of parleys get evaporated, the over-all settings-simultaneously-remain stagnant with persistent dilemmas for the people, who are-inexorably-looking for peace in this part of the Earth planet-with zeal and fervor.

Hence, a logical and rationale viewpoint, swindling, tricking and exploiting each-other’s flaws and weaknesses must come to an eternal end at-once and instead a helping-hand is ought to be made visible in the best interest of the people-to the magnitude that their sufferings get vanished at a swift pace.

If, such prudence is set aside, the Pandora’s Box shall remain existent-with hapless miseries for the masses-dwelling in this region intact. Visibly, no peace-loving nation-listed in the Atlas-shall allow such a setting to persist-for-ever.

Judiciously, a peaceful religious co-existence and co-operation among the nations of the realms-in the region-is the dominant need, which must be ensured with utmost fidelity and reciprocated accord.

With this realism, it is mandatory and obligatory that the aspirations of the masses are kept leading while commencing such a modus operandi of a discourse to attain the vital spirit-peace and tranquility-which has become all the more elementary in the modern epoch, that needs geniality and cordiality as its’ podium to achieve cherished goals of evolution, progress and prosperity to compose all the societies and nations-self-reliant in each and every arena of life.

Newest overture by President General Pervez Musharraf for an instant flexibility-both by India and Pakistan-even on the Kashmir dispute, of-course depicts a candid, bold, gallant, valiant, courageous, spirited, audacious, daring, fair, frank and serene offer by Pakistan, which illustrates the real aspirations of the Kashmiri people, who love tranquility and hate all types of scuffles and skirmishes.

Each n’ every sane mind shall-overtly-fully support the policies, being perused by Pakistan and would-surely-approve n’ endorse-such a categorical, steadfast and resolute standpoint for a lifelong peace in South Asia.

It is-thus-hoped that India shall respond with an identical perception-for an ultimate good of the people of both the countries-in meticulous and for those in rest of the South Asian region in broad-spectrum-as well as to bring back calm in the Himalayan State, a paradise turned into a spot of horror-only due to the uncalled for deployment of almost a million India troops in the IHK.

Kashmiris-explicitly-attach great hopes with the SAARC Summit, which should, in no way ignore the basic causes of the hassle and irritants-and instead is ought to take solid steps to obliterate each type of infuriation for a sweet and pleasant future.

Paradoxically-the scope of the SAARC objectives-stands too much caged, confined and squeezed. On this, one of the articles of its’ charter-deceitfully n’ cunningly evades ‘conversation of bilateral issues’-despite well-acquainted with the actuality that bilateral issues-among the member states-with the Kashmir dispute on the top of the list-needs the foremost attention for solution, rather than other topics of petite n’ elfin nature.

Taking this realism into account, it would by apt n’ apposite that the SAARC moot in Islamabad-should address this point by expanding the scale of its candid aims-if at-all they are so-to avert all styles of risks n’ hazards to peace in South Asia.

Keeping eyes shut from authenticities n’ actualities, any Summit for a discourse-on extraneous themes-shall prove absolutely futile-making SAARC-as ineffective as the [late] League of Nations or for that matter-the Arab League, OIC n’ even the United Nations, all of which have lost their credibility n’ credentials-as they have dejectedly failed to clutch their critical goals.

As is conspicuous, the people of Jammu and Kashmir State shall extend full co-operation to every powerful pedestal-even to SAARC, if it portrays in such a way-due to the raison d’être that it can play a pivotal role in conquering every problematic situation-if it has a will or leaning towards such a strong facet.

Nonetheless, one has to extoll the decision of the Indian Prime Minister, AB Vajpayee ‘for raying his inclination to attend the moot-to which diverse perils were posed by a set of seditious and perfidious elements by setting off a region of alarm and panic through recent vile and wicked episodes in Pakistan.’

This zest of Mr. Vajpayee has no-doubt, thwarted the ferocious plans of all such hideous elements who were engaged in abortive endeavors to become obstacles in his visit to Pakistan.

Prima facie, it makes apparent that the Indian Premier has brought-in a healthy change in his stance and outlook.

A ray of hope envisions that Mr. Vajpayee shall simultaneously-opt to get into a course of parleys-with President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali ‘to accrue optimal advantage from his voyage to Pakistan-to the ultimate benefit of the two intricate neighbors.

Else, his trip to Pakistan-shall prove frail n’ feeble-without any meaningful upshot.

The apposite way is that the agenda of SAARC is re-phrased to attain the real targets-with focus on the solution of the pending issues-obviously Kashmir as the principal. The solution of the core problems-like Kashmir-must seek serious attention at the moot-in place of usual and so-so topics-otherwise, the Summit will prove nothing beyond a routine assemblage with no positive results-at-all.

Yet another significant point for the agenda is ought to be the expansion of the compass and range of SAARC set-up by inducting into its catalog the bona fide countries of the Asian continent-with China at the top of the index.

Such a course shall take SAARC to the lofty zeniths to achieve its’ basic objectives-as enunciated in its ‘magnificent and marvelous’ Charter-which explicitly manifests, a composed and compact Asia, free from all types of alien dependence-unambiguously-from the moderately developed, West.

At this crucial juncture, one has to bring in spotlight ‘the desire’ of big powers-most specifically by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China and Russia-for their ‘earnest efforts to institute a compact peace in South Asia’-exclusively by the Bush Administration-with an expect that such an ‘eagerness’ shall prove prolific for a definitive good of the humankind-all-over.

If, a rational and apposite route is eschewed-one way or the other-the over five-decades struggle by Kashmiris to seek their birth right of self-determination-shall continue to clutch impetus-at any cost-as they are all set to seek it-with dignity and honor.

The icons of quietude ought not to be reckoned-as weakness-in any style, as the people of the charismatic State-in Millions-want a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue-provided our innermost aspirations are acknowledged-in entirety.

The globe must adore a significant aspect that to pave an amiable environment for the SAARC Summit, Kashmiris have decided not to step into any protest based on any agitation, so that the deliberations-in Islamabad-go along in a smooth silky way-with an expect that their legitimate demand for shaping their destiny on their own-shall be kept in view, during the talks-with all seriousness and sincerity.

The January-4/6 SAARC Summit is-thus-the best forum to avert all types of risks to the regional peace-if held-with a straight-thinking agenda, backed by a realistic mindset.

In a way its’ a siren vis-à-vis multiple issues-which can be made-vanished alone with a positive change in the Indian attitude-in case it takes place-shedding the typical hegemonic allures of New Delhi.

Pakistan’s guest, AB Vajpayee has to keep in mind that: ‘Success is not for-ever and failure is not fatal’. Yet another piece for thought for him: ‘It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines-your altitude’. Isn’t it so?

If, Yes-why not to go for a course, which befits-an amiable environment-at least to make the people in the region affluent via a muscular avow for durable peace n’ amity wherein each member of SAARC-lives with dignity n’ honor-with equilibrium as its’ podium ?