Signals from India?


Taking into account the atypical, virtually customary style of India’s rhetoric-“which rays its antagonistic mindset vis-à-vis the ground realities-“with Kashmir atop-“President Musharraf, who has been expressing optimism about the ongoing dialogue process with New Delhi and its outcome-“eventually seems to be somewhat disappointed.

Opening his vision, he said in an interview with a foreign news agency Friday-“that Pakistan is not encouraged by the signals coming from India-“over their joint pledge to try to solve the long-standing dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

As a matter of fact-“signals emanating from India might be surprising-“so far as the Government-“and some of its’ fixated limbs are concerned. But it is-“by all perceptions-“not a bolt-from-the-blue for those, who have been closely observing the attitude and tactics of the neighboring country during the last over half a century.

Be it JL Nehru or his political offspring like Atal Behari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh at the helm of affairs-“the critical Indian strategy-“towards Pakistan remains, alike.

History bears testimony to the fact-“that Indians never went beyond lip-service in countless attempts-“made in the past to settle the dispute in any way which should have righteousness, decency or morality as its’ podium or hallmark.

President Pervez Musharraf, too had close interaction with the ex-Prime Minister of India, AB Vajpayee and he knows it very well that Indians have been taking frequent and sudden-“summersaults-“other way phrased as U-turns after making commitments to resolve the core issue through dialogue.

An established brochure ‘Indian Commitments on Kashmir’-“which carries ‘out-right’ pledges by JL Nehru, as a follow-up of the United Nations Resolutions stays a categorical testimony-“as clear as crystal, yet, with one sunup, he [Nehru] took an abrupt shift and backed-out of his own words for a free, fair and impartial plebiscite in the Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir-“he had promised even at the key-point of the global forum-“the UN.

And President Musharraf’s talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New York, his food for thought options on Kashmir and Indian reaction to his thoughts should leave no doubt in the minds of Pakistani policy-makers that Indians were virtually, merely talking for the sake of talks.

They are, in fact, not sincere because whenever there are expectations of some concrete results, Indian leadership starts churning out confusing and contradictory statements-“to mar the prospects of any breakthrough.

Manmohan Singh was on board with President Musharraf in New York in beaming to the world that the two countries-“India and Pakistan-“were willing to explore all possible options for solution of the conflict.

Yet, when President Pervez Musharraf floated a bold idea-“for the purpose, emphasizing that the two countries would have to move beyond their stated positions to reach an understanding that is acceptable not only to Pakistan and India but also to Kashmiris-“there was first cold-shoulder response from New Delhi and then came an almost clear-cut statement from Manmohan Singh-“ruling out any leeway of redrawing of borders.

Amid such environ or scenario or with these circumstances, Pakistan should pursue-“a measured approach-“and certainly not exuberance in its dealings with India.

India must be told in straightforward words to eschew any relish, dream, ecstasy, euphoria or elation for friendship with Pakistan-“in any arena-“due to the raison d’être that such an assumption or conjecture of India shall prove nothing beyond castle in the sky-“sans the solution of the Kashmir Issue-“and that too, which reflects the judicious, pragmatic and down-to-earth aspirations of the bona fide inhabitants of the charismatic Himalayan State-“for which they [Kashmiris] have, are and will continue to offer supreme sacrifices-“of any magnitude-“and at all costs-“till they achieve their birth right [of self-determination]-“accepted and acknowledged by the world with one-voice-“not once-“but over a dozen times.

We are of the view that any signal from New Delhi is ought to match the realities with flexibility-“if at all it [India] is sincere to solve this volatile Issue, as it shall stay as a focal-point on a zest for lifelong and durable peace in South Asia-“till it is solved with love and leaning towards the much-needed affluence for the peoples in this part of the Orb.

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The author is a noted journalist, editor of 'Pakistan Times', political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).


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