Thaw Entails Solemnity

Eroding all trepidations-“disseminated by a set of pseudo ‘intellectuals n’ political pundits’-“President Pervez Musharraf has beamed to the world that the root of irritants, which has been plaguing zest for jovial n’ amiable ties between India n’ Pakistan-“the Kashmir dispute-“shall be solved in such a mode which would be reflective of the aspirations of the people of this captivating realm in the Himalayan landscape-“acknowledged as ‘Paradise on Earth’, the Jammu n’ Kashmir State.

Mushrraf gave this bona fide perception of his pragmatic vision vis-à-vis the global scenarios, of-course keeping the newest ground realities-“intact, which can-“in no way-“be set aside, during his first post-SAARC Summit contact meeting with a panel of apex Kashmiri leaders-“Thursday.

Amid outright emotions of esteem-“by the Kashmiri leadership-“for his matchless endeavors to get a durable peace established in South Asia, the President, who is much-adored by people on both sides of the Line of Control-“LoC-“for his explicit and coherent standpoint towards the Kashmiris’ cause, took them into confidence on multiple topics, including the essence of the overtures-“which have been set off by Pakistan for a serene n’ tranquil milieu in this part of the orb.

Accentuate of the meeting was Musharraf’s categorical pledge to Kashmiris that-“on every apposite time, leaders of Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir would be taken into confidence for the solution of this longed issue.

Going by the index of the history of the South Asian region, it is for the first time that Kashmir has been cataloged in the agenda of the process of a composite dialogue between the two nuke-neighbors.

A marvelous aspect of this interaction is President’s yen for implementation of the Islamabad declaration with sincerity. Such an unequivocal outlook, not only fades away the tittle-tattle n’ gossip of a ‘secret deal’ [on Kashmir]-“which has been camouflaging the political horizons, in an abhorrent style, but-“simultaneously-“manifests the sincere efforts of Pakistan to get the 56-years old Kashmir dispute solved with amity and-“to open vistas for a scenario-“wherein both the countries [India and Pakistan] can live like ‘good friends’.

Whether India likes it or not, the veracity shall continue to persist that without seeking an equitable resolution of the Kashmir dispute, other issues-“whatever they may be-“would always remain plagiaristic.

With such realism, it would rather be ironic to presuppose that Kashmiris have been sidelined-“in any way, as Kashmiri leaders were taken into confidence even in the past.

At the same time, President Musharraf’s outright repudiation of the perception about some secret deal on Kashmir is certainly reassuring.

Plausibly, the apprehensions on this count emerged due to Indian Prime Minister’s abrupt concurrence to initiate composite dialogue to resolve Indo-Pakistan issues including the Kashmir dispute.

In view of India’s persistent refusal to hold talks with Pakistan despite Islamabad’s virtual suppliant for negotiations over the past two years, New Delhi’s astonishing consent to enter into the process of composite dialogue with Pakistan was indeed not out of snap wisdom or sanity having dawned on the Indian leadership.

Towards this, Vajpayee is on record having ruled out any talks with Pakistani leaders in his Press talk in New Delhi prior to his departure for Islamabad for the SAARC Summit.

Thus, one is believed to conceive that the sudden swing by New Delhi can’t be without an embedded motive-“in the light of India’s track record.

While analyzing this facet, the possibility that the Indian swirl may have been motivated by its domestic compulsions on account of the impending general elections, but in that case, there was no need for Vajpayee to rule out talks with Pakistan just before coming over to Islamabad.

Whatever the situation, mystery did shroud the circumstances that-“miraculously led to the signing of the agreement for resumption of the stalled talks between the two countries.

The President, no-doubt owes gratitude by the nation as he has, prima facie, detached all the apprehensions, which were being used by a few-“as a gadget to clutch their psycho-political gains.

Gen Musharraf’s vow that the Kashmiri leaders will be taken into confidence-“at every juncture-“is all the more cheering n’ soothing.

Such a course shall always be treated with a fabulous salutation-“as the dispute pertains to the future of the Kashmiri people-“in millions.

It is, thus, logical that only the real leaders of Kashmiris-“and not those who have a singular lust n’ ache for personal media projection, at every cost, even after having enjoyed such a joy-ride for almost half-a-decade until the recent past-“are kept in persistent picture about the progress on the issue.

How can one expect adore for the Kashmir cause from such ‘leaders’-“who are always all set to clutch their peculiar frills-“to the extent that some time, they would opt, even not to go in conformity with the mindset of their own party headship, dwelling beyond oceanic?

Another factor that compels every prudent mind to stare at, is the stable and inexplicable ‘mum’ by the Indian Prime Minister, which kept intact until Friday about his voyage to Pakistan-“more specifically on the upshot of his meetings with the Pakistani leaders.

By now, Vajpayee has not beamed a single word-“about the irksome issues-“except his typical ‘fanaticism’ topics-“having slightest significance.

As a follow-up of his ‘brainstorming session’ with the Cabinet colleagues-“which took place in a clandestine fashion, Vajpayee confined himself to a few contents-“such as ‘positive winds are blowing in the external environment of India.’

At the out-set, nothing came out of the magnificent yet fastidious podium of his contact with aficionados-“with perceptible political heir, LK Advani atop-“except the he [Vajpayee] ‘briefed his mates about his visit to Pakistan.’

Since not a single remark was disseminated to the media nor did he establish a contact-“even with his own state-run press, eye-brows stand lifted towards an exclusive question as ‘to what did Vajpayee say to his pals and how about their feedback’-“is just any-one’s guess.

Yet the most conspicuous feature of such a setting is that Vajpayee-“on getting back home-“even eschewed [one can dub it as forfeited] even the customary protocol at the New Delhi airport, which has been a archetypal ritual on the eve of his return from every overseas visit, and, this time he picked a choice-“to be driven to his abode-“in a hushed way.

Simultaneously-“not a single expression on official level has been aired by New Delhi-“even on the global reaction about Indo-Pakistan thaw, except for elfin erudite comments by a faction of the media, which is deemed ‘free’ in the silhouette of the Indian polity.

Isn’t it a somewhat a mysterious aspect, especially when the Indian Premier returned from Pakistan-“towards whom India has been posing antagonistic posture for decades and with which its troops were in an eyeball-to-eyeball pose till last year-“and with whom Vajpayee-“now ‘wished’ to have cordial relations-“via a composite dialogue?

But-“despite all this-“time is still ripe for India to respond in an unconcealed and frank way-“if at all New Delhi is sincere in getting into an evocative process of conciliation-“expectantly next month-“to make South Asia free from all perils for the eventualn affluence of the region, which has already faced copious turmoil n’ tumults-“only due to India’s fiddling demeanors.

May be AB Vajpayee envisions a problematic environ-“if he opens his mindset or sets aside a tight-lipped manner on perilous issues before the BJP bunch, yet he is ought to accept the actuality that ‘the greater the obstacle, the more glory is overcoming it’.

With this insight a ‘binocular n’ bachelor’ Vajpayee can change the quality of life of his billion-plus populous-“provided he goes by aptness, which rests-“only in the solution of Indo-Pakistan issues-“with the Kashmir dispute at the top of the list.

Yes-“by all elucidations, thaw entails transparency with solemnity, a fact n’ an axiom which has been identified as the only channel for letting a breeze-“with aromatic fragrance-“to puff in South Asia, in place of a ‘wind’-“which, sometimes-“turns into a tornado, this part of the planet should not taste-“any more.

Just have an minuscule-“yet sober gaze at the world reaction-“even by the United States, which validates this truth, in entirety-“Mr. Vajpayee n’ you will see the fervent aspires of the civilized world-“as clear as crystal.