Whispers on The Wind

Overtly manifesting its’ pragmatic n’ well-acknowledged abhorrence towards terrorism in its’ all sorts of breed, Pakistan has set off an all-out crusade to obliterate the menace-“in a way a hefty nuisance-“to avert perceptible perils to the guiltless humankind, wherever it dwells-“onto the orb.

Its’ evident from the solo-“yet wide-ranging-“operation, which the paramilitary troops carried-out in a secluded yet significant locale, close to Wana, the headquarters of the South Waziristan Political Agent, whereby over 25 suspected aficionados of the al-Queda stalwart, Osama bin-Laden were put in cage.

As the preliminary information recounts all these species have been moved to a clandestine place for a follow-up probe-“to extract more info from them about the al-Qaeda network, posing perils to the global peace and amity.

Prior to opting for such a course, authorities in Pakistan had cautioned the tribal elders to hand-over any-one, affiliated with the atrocious n’ heinous act of terrorism-“lest they face an awful scenario.

While setting a deadline for Feb-20, the sets of the influential, dwelling close to the Afghanistan edge, were given a word-of-honor that who-so-ever is handed-over to the authorities-“shall in no case-“be extradited beyond oceanic and would instead be dealt with the law of land-“if at all found culpable.

Yet, paradoxically such a gracious n’ genial offer did not work as a result of which, the troops were left with no option but to go far such a stroke. Least uptight about the image of the lovely homeland-“Pakistan-“a set of ‘elders’ persisted with their conceit n’ egoism, eventually generating nothing except a tight spot for their own fellow-inhabitants in this limb of the tribal belt.

As the world is well-acquainted with the veracity that Pakistan-“for a long time-“has itself been a target of terrorists’ assaults, blatantly at the behest of its’ foes-“with their abode, both beyond the eastern and western frontiers-“of-course with India atop.

Such an alarm continues even today-“like the hideous acts of state terrorism in India held-Kashmir-“a naughty maneuver, the entire world has chastised.

Amid heavy odds came the Nine/Eleven episode. It was virtually a most complex n’ delicate era for Pakistan to peruse a pragmatic path vis-à-vis the newest milieu, basically to shield its’ own national interests-“in a zestful way.

Taking into account the preamble of its’ foreign policy, which is hallmarked by peace and tranquility-“all-over, Pakistan took an apposite decision to join the US-led crusade against terrorism in its’ all forms and manifestations.

Every realist believes that though a dweller of a sanctified realm-“Saudi Arabia-“Osama, who must be well-versed with the teachings of the sacrosanct n’ sacred teachings of Islam, by resorting to the ‘acts of terrorism’-“being beamed by his communications, very often via the Qatar-based Arabic television is not doing any service-“even to his own religion, which has love n’ esteem for all, irrespective of one’s faith, color, cast, creed or credo, as serenity n’ equilibrium is the fabulous feature of every Faithful.

With this perception, Osama [if at all he exists anywhere on the earth planet and is just not a fantasy] is ought to surface to meet the ‘fate’-“instead of posing risks to the Muslim World-“which has been placed in a status of scare n’ panic by the solitary supper power-“the United States. If the al-Qaeda chief doesn’t do so, Muslims-“all-around shall be cajoled n’ coaxed to wrap up that this ‘icon of terror’ is dancing to the tunes of his masters’ voice-“with no allure for the podium of his familial faith-“the Ummah.

We are-“at the same time-“decidedly optimistic that the synchronized war against terrorism shall yield upbeat corollary n’ violence-“being phrased as ‘terrorism’ shall evaporate, of-course without causing any more browse or roguish to the human race, which has already suffered a lot-“due to the aversions among nations, which are in fact eager to see a dawn of tranquility-“for the definitive affluence of the peoples, who love peace and hate all types of skirmishes-“every where on the earth.

While making an avid appeal to our brethren in the tribal belt of Pakistan to extend their optimal co-operation to the authorities in their righteous task to bring to a halt, all acts of terrorism, we expect that the United States, which is ought to take care of every-one-“as a civilized empire n’ a big brother-“shall also make sure that no land-“anywhere on this planet-“is punched by it without a bona fide raison d’être and the upshots of the on-going settings are brought-“by Washington-“to a logical end in a subtle style in place of any vengeance or asceticism, which in no way befits such a power-“which via ‘a stroke of luck’ can place any-one onto its’ finger-tips n’ even beneath its’ thumb.

The US-“with the Statue of Liberty-“as its’ convivial emblem to the peoples’ from every-where-“have got to comprehend the sounds of the whispers on the puffing wind n’ with this outlook must depict with authenticity the matchless reverence n’ veneration for the sovereignty of each n’ every territory so as to get itself indexed in the history with-“fascinating words-“to grind down the actions of the ‘tainted n’ vile idol’ of-“not only the stone-age-“but also the grisly monarchs of the gone-by epochs, who are memorized as oafish n’ shall stay with such a pictogram so-“till eternity, the time without end.