Attack on America, Who’s to Blame?

Edna Yaghi’s Column

From the very beginning, even before there was any evidence at all, American officials blamed Osama Bin Laden for the strikes against the World Trade Center’s twin towers and the Pentagon.

The accusations against the millionaire Saudi dissident fanned the fires of hatred against Arabs and Muslims who live in America. In one day, Zionism accomplished what it could not do in more than 50 years of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda via the cinema and through the media.

What happened to the innocents who happened to be on the hijacked planes or present in the buildings that were hit is a horrible tragedy. Now, angered beyond belief, Americans are thirsty for blood�anyone’s blood. They need a scapegoat and the media has given them all too conveniently the idea that this scapegoat is to be found in Arabs and Muslims all over the world.

It would not be in good taste to say that these attacks are the result of the American foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistently pro-Israel and anti-Arab. No one cares right now that it is American missiles, bombs, aircraft and bullets that cut down and murder Palestinians just because they are Palestinian. No one is concerned about how many Palestinians have been slaughtered by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and right now through his crocodile tears, he is trying to portray himself as the “good guy.”

But think about it. Who would really stand to gain the most from such an attack against the American people? No one Arab country would be stupid enough to carry out an attack against the military might of America and its allies. Any Arab leader, however impotent he might be, would not be fool enough to bring about the wrath of the world’s greatest power.

And this is not a case of some disgruntled isolated patches of people trying to get revenge for various wrongs. What happened took a lot of money and know-how to carry it through. The country best enabled to carry out such a humongous feat is not an Arab or a Muslim one, but Israel.

Israel is the one country that stands the most to gain from such an unfathomable attack on American institutions and military. Israel is the one country that has, thanks to US assistance; the most sophisticated spying devices in the world with the exception of the US itself. Remember Jonathan Pollard?

Zionists have penetrated every echelon of America. They are there in the FBI, the CIA, in conglomerates, in Congress, in the White House and in every neighborhood and at every workstation throughout America.

Israel would stand most to gain. Even though Sharon has declared a day of mourning for America’s dead, he sheds false tears and it is very very likely that in his heart he could not be happier. In the meantime, he has stepped up his crimes against Palestinian civilians.

It is not just what American officials are telling their people, it is what they are not telling them as well that is very important. Evidence can even be planted to make it look like Arab and Muslim terrorists carried out the evil deed of killing thousands of innocent Americans.

What is equally surprising is the response today by one of Reverend Billy Graham’s sons who said that America must retaliate with mass weapons of destruction against the perpetrators of the attack and anyone who harbors them. Even if Osama Bin Laden is responsible for what happened in New York and the Pentagon, he is not a country and innocent people should not be slaughtered for something they have not done. But for a person who should be preaching about peace and harmony, for forgiveness, for seeking the roots of the tragedy and trying to eradicate evil in a sane way, Reverend Graham’s son is advocating death, destruction, murder and perhaps an Armageddon.

God help us all.